Where The City Planners Want To Bust Our 30ft Height Limit


At last night’s CPU meeting, City Planners introduced where they intent to bust our 30 Ft Height Limit. See map above.  Contrary to claims made in prior public planning documents, the draft Morena Specific Plan, and assurances from our District councilperson, Lorie Zapf, to “maintain the 30 Ft Height Limit,” the “Focus Areas” in blue of the map above, demonstrate the opposite.

Under the guise of “Height Concepts,”  Senior Planner Marlon Pangilinan faced a hostile community over the presentation.  The “concept” notion is the way city planners attempt to “plant the seed” before changing the Land Use and Zoning portions of our Community Plan. (See map above “Corridor” section)  You can download and read the entire presentation materials here.

After the 45-day Public Review ends for the Morena Specific Draft Plan, the inclusion of the “Bust” (Blue areas in map above) will be in the hands of our CPU (Clairermont Community Plan Update Committee).  That committee has several members who have been “city  friendly” since the beginning of the planning process in 2013.  If the CPU approves the “blue areas,” the next step will be a review by the San Diego  Planning Commission, and finally, our SD City Council.

Because the city planners sabotaged the community’s input (didn’t include in draft Plan), our next step is limited to seeking help from our District Councilmember, Lorie Zapf, to work with her fellow councilpersons to REJECT the Morena Specific Plan and the CPU (Community Plan Update).  This is not likely to happen, given Zapf’s track record of failing the community.  It is time to force Zapf out of office for her continued practice of ignoring community requests.

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