Will Keil's Shopping Center Bust the 30FT limit and go to 60FT?

Note: These plans were never implemented. Instead, the owners opted to replace Keils with a Sprouts Grocery Store.


On January 21, 2014, the owners of Keil’s Shopping center submitted their plans for the site. They are requesting a variance to build to 57ft. They want to construct 368 condominium units along with a grocery store and some small retail shops. Complete Keils Shopping Center site plans.

3 thoughts on “Will Keil's Shopping Center Bust the 30FT limit and go to 60FT?

  • This is such old news but such a shame that this neighborhood lost Kiels, it was part of the heart of our community, linking families, singles, the seniors who live in very close proximity, all crossing paths in the welcoming bread basket of Kiels. The owner of this property is so neglectful, has done nothing to update or enhance the property, optimize its location and setting, foster new businesses to come in……and you can tell by how all the smaller tenats struggle and many fail. Then to be unable to work with Kiels to retain them as an anchor and we lost a great company and friends of this community. I look forward to a more progressive and holistic approach from Protea down below in the new development, and I hope Kleege learns something. Until that company changes their philosophy I won’t support anything they are associated with.

  • The plan by Developer Bruce Kleege, is for 368 condos with only 274 parking spaces.
    See attached Developers plan.
    Even if each condo only had one car, where will the remaining 94 cars park?
    And if each condo has a minimum of 1 other occupant, that is approx 468 cars with no parking space??! So the number is likely to be much higher than that with guests..
    The condo owners and guest cars will end up parked up Burgener and nearby streets, causing this neighborhood to look like SDSU neighborhoods with homeowners not being able to park in front of their hown home.
    The amount of traffic leaving Burgener onto Clairemont Drive will create turn Bay Park into a San Francisco like gridlock .
    As density goes up, so does crime and homeless people defecating on personal property, a problem that San Francisco is currently battling.
    To preserve the quality of living in Bay Park, we must organize and stop the size of this development.

  • Poor Linda Vista and Bay Park….now is the time to Fight for a local height limit, or you will be screwed by the greedy developers and planning dept, and negligent city counsellors to a nightmare impacted congestion scenario etc…and probably half of the units will be sold to foreign investors as short term vacation rentals, not for real residents, not for low income people like students and young families…creating a bizarre modern wasteland on the edge of beautiful Mission Bay and your communities…

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