Visualizations – Community Contributions to Design

Submit  particular ideas of what the Bay Park Boardwalk should look like.  These can include photos of other built-out boardwalks or areas around San Diego and the world that you’ve taken photos of, or maybe you have drawn some sketches?  Please post your contributions using the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of the page.  You can also post design elements you’d like to see incorporated into the Boardwalk itself, such as street lights, benches, bike racks, living walls, etc.

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Neighbor’s Contributions
Layout contributed by Architect Wolf  Kabler



Living Walls submitted by Jim ElkoIMG_448662566 (1)
Living wall- Little Italy
Little Italy Green Wall
Asphalt Planet CA bridge  unnamed (2)
unnamed unnamed (3)
unnamed (1) unnamed (4)Contributed by Fran Marsh

25 thoughts on “Visualizations – Community Contributions to Design

  • I think it would be absolutely amazing if you incorporated a pedestrian bridge that could cross the freeway to the bay. This would greatly increase foot traffic and help the profitability of these new businesses.

    • In the original Morena Station Area Planning Study, both the overpass at Clairemont Dr and at Tecolote Rd are projected to be widened to give better access to both pedestrians and bicyclists. Those plans are at the end of the study and can be found by going to click on the “Morena Plan” on the home page. Drawings of the proposed widening are there. Thanks for your participation!

    • Yes! This idea was logged into the records during the Clairemont Community Planning Group Ad Hoc meeting of August 17. This would be a key ingredient for pedestrians’ easy access to Mission Bay and the Bay Park Boardwalk. With both main bridges undergoing revamping for walkers, bikers and drivers, I’d like to see a pedestrian-only bridge located midway between the two.

      • A pedestrian bridge is an excellent idea. Virtually any of us who live in Bay Park would like it. BUT: Be careful what you wish for. We’ve been told at the ad-hoc subcommittee meetings that there is no funding for a bridge. If the City of SD wants to impose an assessment district to pay for it, that must go to voters. I will not vote in favor of paying for a bridge. The City does not seem to be genuinely concerned with what Bay Park residents want. Sandag and Caltrans appear to have already set the parameters, with the city council ultimately approving the final word on how Bay Park will be impacted.

    • The landscape buffers can be made with sound proofing and living green walls to mitigate the noise. Calming the traffic down to 25mph will help as well. Any suggestions that you may have to mitigate the noise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your participation.

    • If anyone thinks noise pollution form I-5 is bad, wait until the trolley is running several times (eight?) per hour. I live in Tecolote canyon where I can here the bells from the trolley at Napa St and Friars road. The noise emanates over the hill where USD is, into the residential neighborhood in Tecolote canyon, which is one mile from Morena Blvd. The noise from the trolley running over the tracks will be even worse than the bells and warning buzzers. Go over to the Old Town trolley station and listen to the noise, it’s coming to Bay Park.

  • With the landscape buffer between the boardwalk and the angle parking, how does a person park in the angle parking and get out of their car and get to the boardwalk? I only see walking along the back of the cars next to the traffic.

    • These were preliminary drawings and a local architect asked the same question. He will be submitting drawings to create access to the boardwalk forr patrons parking near the boardwalk. Our preliminary view of the boardwalk was not completed due to timing constraints for our launching of the website to the public. Make sure you have signed up on our mailing list so that when changes are made, we can shoot you an email. Thanks for your participation!

      • I imagine the landscape buffer not as continuous from one corner to the next, but having gaps/pass-throughs. Buffers made up of varying lengths with gaps that correlate to accessing the boardwalk, angled parking, crosswalks, bike stands, etc. Green, stone, brick, rock buffers; a combination of planter and bench; a series of pots; buffers in creative forms, curves, zigzag, making a type of seating arrangement along the boardwalk. Buffers with artful elements: a section of individual tiles painted by residents, a historical marker so to speak; or a series of sections of tiles, each with a different theme; a mural section; living wall buffer sections.

  • With decreasing the number of lanes on morena, how can we ensure that streets like Frankfort (that are wide) don’t become busy thoroughfares for people trying to bypass Morena?

    • Katie- Excellent observation. I would encourage you to submit ideas for alleviating what could be a potential problem for those living on Frankfort (and other streets) that could suffer. Maybe speed bumps or some sort of traffic calming device?
      The loss of a lane on Morena is already a proposal from SANDAG and the city, what we did was to reconfigure the street to be people oriented instead of traffic oriented. The Survey respondents overwhelming reported that they do not use Morena to access their homes in the community. One way to bring “curb appeal” to Morena is to build the Boardwalk, and with the limited space, reducing to 3 lanes is the only possible alternative at this time.

  • I love the idea of a pedestrian / bike only bridge access midway between Clairemont Dr and Tecolote. I also wonder if the bike lanes could be on the other side of the buffer zone to keep them safer from traffic?
    Thanks for the great website!!

  • Traffic on Morena Blvd. seems worse. It is especially bad when they are working on it and taking it down to one lane. Angry drivers are dangerous. One lane each way will force me back to the midway district, which is so much easier/quicker to get back and forth. To me , reduced lanes makes this more an area to avoid. The parking looks dangerous too.

  • An additional pedestrian bike/walk only bridge would be an excellent way to connect Bay Park to Mission Bay. It should be in the middle of Clairemont Drive and Tecolote Road somewhere around Santanas. Imagine how many more people that would bring to the Bay Park Boardwalk and local businesses!

  • I highly recommend the additional pedestrian bike/walk only bridge. Added business, added recreational value, added beautification of Bay Park !Even if the dangerous crossing at Tecolote and Clairmont are mitigated or eliminated, there is no other way to walk or bike to the bay in the middle of these two acces points. And these are a mile apart.
    Also I would like to see little parklets close to business similar as the Caffe Calabria Parklet in North Park.

  • I support the additional pedestrian bike/walk only bridge at Santana’s/Ashton Rd. It would not only add business but increase Bay Parks recreational value. We need a safe bike/walk access to the bay. The Freeway 5 bridges at Tecolote and Clairemont are dangerous to cross especially for little children. Even if the Trolley walk ramps will mitigate or eliminate the danger these two access points are a mile away from each other. A new bridge in the middle will enable residents in this neighborhood to access our beautiful bay easily by foot.
    Also I would like to see parklets at or close to restaurants at the boardwalk similar to the Caffe Calabria parklet in North Park.

    • I 100% agree with this…a safe and appealing route for pedestrians and bikers to get back and forth between Bay Park and Mission Bay is absolutely essential, with or without any other improvements! Tecolote and Clairemont crossing are horrible, unpleasant and dangerous, and do not even have ramps for handicap/wheeled access!

  • I would enjoy more entertainment around bay park. The community is void of this, if we feel like doing anything besides eating we have to leave the community to find entertainment. Whether it be movies, bowling, billiards, miniature golf, or the like. Though a theater is probably out of the question seeing as there are many within a 5-10 minute drive from here, there isn’t many other options for other types of enjoyment.

  • While I find the design very appealing (and am joining this conversation quite late), it is important to hear the concerns expressed about narrowing the # of lanes, lack of left-turn lanes, drivers finding alternate routes, etc., especially if the area does in fact become very popular and draws more people to it.

    Although the diagonal parking creates a lovely local “downtown” sort of feel, in practice this typically winds up resulting in cars blocking traffic as they wait for someone to get into their car and leave so that they don’t have to walk an extra 1/2 block, which will definitely slow traffic in the other lane as well. During busy periods this effect will be compounded all along Morena and needlessly increase the risk of accidents.

    By now you may be considering alternatives, but I suggest ensuring that re-zoning requires parking as integral to mixed use / retail structures that will be developed, and that they include parking for open space, community spaces, parks, etc. Or include dedicated parking structures in the design if they aren’t already. I’d lose the diagonal parking even though the image of it is very appealing. What about replacing them with the bike paths – keep the cars close to the trains not the people hopefully dining al fresco, and use attractively landscaped walk and bike paths to separate the speed of the cars from the pedestrians and diners.

  • Gridlock on highways and streets just gets worse. All three of these choices lend to more gridlock. Roads are for transportation, not obstructions; just remember La Jolla with their one way round a bouts. Terrible at best.

  • Ultimately the city council will decide the direction/fate of our beloved Bay Park. On June 27th, 2016, the city council has voted in favor of developers AGAIN. The One Paseo issue is a barometer of how they will likely vote on Morena Blvd/Bay Park. Today it was 8 in favor, 1 opposed, on the unpopular One Paseo issue. Wake up Bay Park. When city council members and the mayor, make decisions that adversely affect our hard earned quality of life, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable at the ballot box. NO MORE increased density in Bay Park!

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