2 thoughts on “Views of Height Elevations from Overlook Heights to Tecolote Station (Jerome’s Furniture Warehouse Site)

  • This whole project is a misguided dream. Our proposed trolley will never provide efficient transportation to the masses. Building density projects that have to include percentages of affordable and subsidized housing will only make all of these neighborhoods more crowded and increase crime and filth. The trolley is going to run through our communities up to UTC, that ship has sailed. However, the proposed transit oriented dense housing propositions and trolley stops every half mile through linda vista to balboa can and should still be scrapped. If you want to connect 2 dense communities (downtown and UTC) go ahead, but don’t ruin all of the communities in between. Take a look at any trolley stop in the county and you will surely not find yourself feeling that you want your community to mirror any of those locations. They do not and will not truly benefit any neighborhood in our city.

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