August 22, 2019

Time To File A Lawsuit!

Time For A Lawsuit!

Morena United Meeting September 11th

Morena United, a group of concerned homeowners living near or along the Morena Corridor, are organizing a lawsuit against the city for lack of compliance with CEQA guidelinesRTB is in support of the lawsuit.

From our RTB polls and surveys taken over the past five years, the preponderance of residents chose the “low-density option” of the Morena Corridor and Balboa Specific Plans.

At the August 1st hearing, the city council totally disregarded the option, including a compromise from Councilmember Dr. Jennifer Campbell and seconded by Councilmember Barbara Bry, that would have retained the existing 45 ft height limit in most areas of the plan, as well as limiting 65ft at the Tecolote District where the city approved a new 100ft height limit. 

The 30ft height limit in Clairemont/Bay Park will be decided in the on-going Clairemont Community Plan Update.

A meeting will be held to discuss details of the lawsuit on:

September 11
Musicians Union Hall
1717 Morena Blvd

Everyone concerned about the egregious addition of 11,745 new units to the plans are welcome and encouraged to attend.

RTB believes it is extremely crucial to prepare for this lawsuit because the option to file one expires 30 days after the second reading (see below) of the plans and approval of the Mayor. 


Second Reading Required Prior To Adoption

A second reading and vote is required prior to the official adoption of both the Balboa and Morena Corridor Specific Plans.  The date has not been set, but expect it to be sometime in September/October.

Bicycle associations are contesting the return of the 4 lanes on Morena Blvd and developers may lobby to reduce the higher threshold of required affordable units and removal of the in-lieu fee option to escape building them on-site.

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