The Hard Choice!

The Hard Choice

Even If You Have To Hold Your Nose!

By James LaMattery
Community Activist

RTB (Raise The was created by a group of your neighbors who held different political views and came from different political parties which included Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  Since February of 2014, we did our best to keep political views from influencing our choices, or hampering our efforts to inform the community about the Morena Specific Plan and its implications for our residents.

RTB went to great efforts to remain politically impartial so that it couldn’t be unfairly labeled as a Democratic, Republican or Independent organization. Such prejudiced labeling could have repulsed certain of our neighbors who needed to understand the city’s proposals for development that would affect them.

If you attended our first meetings, you might remember my Pyramid (large triangle) representing the 5(five) levels of the planning process.  The last and final level is approval or rejection by the San Diego City Council. 

Because the city planning department has ignored community input on the plan and is building-in loopholes to raise the height limit in planning “update” documents, our only alternative to protect the 30ft Height Limit is to send a message to the City Council that we won’t tolerate District Councilpersons who refuse to protect the Limit.

Community action now demands ignoring our political party affiliations in order to save the 30ft Limit. The building limit is not only necessary to protect the private and public view corridors, but more importantly, control the over-densification (population) of our community that is already 98% built-out.

RTB was gracious enough to organize a Town Hall for candidates to meet residents prior to the primary this year.  RTB hasn’t openly endorsed any particular candidate. Because RTB must remain detached from the political process, we decided to create a new website (Blog) for political views, choices, and information about the candidates for the November 6th election, and who we must vote into office in order to protect the Height Limit.  Bay Park is also a place you can post comments, suggestions, etc., if you are a resident of these zips: 92110, 92111, 92117.

Since the announcement of my endorsement for Dr. Jen (Jennifer Campbell), I have received numerous emails from RTB members expressing their disappointment in having voted for  Councilmember Lorie Zapf in prior elections.  Some of Zapf’s long-time supporters are truly heartbroken that Lorie didn’t live up to their expectations.  Some have committed themselves to helping the campaign to elect Dr. Jen to office (a Democratic Party Candidate) in order to protect the height limit.

They also understand that Councilmember Zapf could end up serving 20 years as a Disctrict Coucilmember if re-elected. See UT article here.

These are the residents have to make the Hard Choice, and may have to hold their noses to do it.  It is easier for our neighbors that vote for Democratic Party Candidates as a matter of party affiliation.  But we are asking our Republican neighbors to sacrifice more than our Democratic ones! 

Former supporters of Councilmember Lorie Zapf, who are now helping elect Dr. Jen, are the REAL HEROES of our neighborhoods.  They have the power to topple the incumbent, and turn the tide to protect the 30ft Height Limit.

The only winners or losers in this upcoming race will be us.

Councilmember Zapf has been canvassing our neighborhoods and established her campaign office in the Clairemont Village Shopping Center (Bruce Kleege’s center where Sprouts is located).  If she knocks on your door, you can ask her why she didn’t prevent the city planners from removing Land Use and Zoning from the Ad Hoc Subcommittee advising on zoning and land use changes to the Morena Specific Plan.  If she responds with the boiler-plate “we are letting the larger Clairemont Planning Group make those recommendations,” please ask her why the City Planners are making proposals to bust our Height Limits- show her the blue areas of the map attached to this email below.  But be prepared, she may not be familiar with the map!!

Please join with me as we get the word out that the proposal to bust our height limit is a non-starter, and to that end, it will take voting the current District Councilmember, Lorie Zapf, out of office to protect the 30ft Height Limit.  I also have some of Dr. Jen’s yard signs for anyone who would like to display them.

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James LaMattery

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