September 18, 2016

Support for Protea

The Community’s support for Protea Properties’ development proposal finally persuaded SANDAG’s Board of Directors to vote in favor of dropping the eminent domain lawsuit!

VACANT LOT UPDATE 9/22/16- 4:23 PM-Rory Devine of Channel 7 NEWS completed an interview today with James LaMattery, Spokesperson for RTB/BayParkBoardwalk at the Vacant Lot.  All of the issues surrounding the seizure of the lot by SANDAG were covered. The broadcast was scheduled for 4 & 6 pm today was pulled at the last minute, due to a Breaking News story re: standoff in Pacific Beach. We are awaiting response from Rory as to when it will be broadcast and will send out email alerts.

RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk Committee members are supporting Protea’s challenge to the Board of Directors (SANDAG) decision to seize the vacant lot*:

  • Protea  reached out to the Committee to help understand the community’s build-out of the lot, prior to application for permits.
  • Protea’s initial conceptual designs include an anchor tenant grocery, such as Trader Joe’s, which the community desires for the location
  • Protea is meeting SANDAG’s requirements for parking, power station and bus stop to facilitate the Clairemont Trolley Station
  • Protea’s president, Jeffrey Essakow, agreed with Committee’s request to field resident’s questions, concerns, suggestions and ideas for the build-out of the site.
  • Protea is a San Diego based development group.
  • Protea has a good track record of working to obtain community support prior to development of their projects (Flower Hill Mall, Sea Port Village “Spire Plan“)Parking lot

*Although committee members support Protea, we recognize that each resident/community member must decide for themselves.  We have scheduled an event for residents to attend so that each individual can decide for themselves whether or not to support Protea.

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