Statewide Help for Bay Park, Bay Ho & Overlook Heights

Our battle of over 4 years, since the release of the Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study, to save our 30ft height restriction in Bay Park, and the 45ft limit in Linda Vista, is soon coming to a close with the final hearing on the MCSP on April 9th.

San Diego City Councilmembers, with the exception of our District Councilmember, Dr. Jennifer Campbell and maybe Councilmember Barbara Bry, will approve the MSP at that meeting.  Yes, these are the same Councilmembers who’ve handed developers a windfall with the removal of parking space requirements around transit hubs.

In the meantime, there are groups forming now to create a statewide ballot initiative to block or change sb50, this new state legislation that is poised to take control from local community planning groups.

Sb50 is backed by the big foot of the commercial development community which sees its opportunity to pontificate about affordable housing while it refuses to build it, such as the luxury towers that will be built at the coming Tecolote Trolley Station.

But we now have a powerful group of people willing to help us put up a fight. Our friends in Northern California are organizing, as we at RTB are.

Bill Brand, the mayor of Redondo Beach, said he was looking to start fundraising millions of dollars to launch an initiative process for a constitutional amendment that would protect local zoning. He called it a “neutron bomb” in a suite of options to slow and stop the proposals in Sacramento.

“We want to be the statewide opposition to the objectionable nonsense coming out of Sacramento,” said Susan Kirsch, the founder of the advocacy group Livable California.

Our communities will not be defended by the City or developers, so I, along with other San Diego community activists, am part of a working group headed by Cory Briggs, to sync with Livable and other groups forming across the State to oppose SB50’s implementation in our neighborhoods.

The rush by the San Diego City Council and the mayor to densify housing around transit hubs has escalated with the removal of height restrictions and zero parking spaces for new projects built within transit priority areas.

This policy leap has its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, please read Liam Dillon’s Los Angeles Times, “Bay Area Leads Charge On Fixing Housing Crisis.”

We do need to think of this battle as guerrilla warfare.  On every front that arises out of poor policy choices, such as the passage of the Parking Ordinance, where developers are no longer required to build garages or provide parking spaces for their new owners or tenants,  we need to band together with all San Diegans that oppose it by joining in its repeal.

The Most Expensive Real Estate Is Now At Risk!

Read Mr. Dillon’s article carefully and you will see the coming tide of building transit hubs within the Coastal Commission boundaries, the same land that Proposition D protected years ago from runaway development by restricting building height limits to 30ft, will be a likely target after implementation of the sb50 along San Francisco’s shoreline.

We’d better inform everyone we know that lives in areas such as La Jolla, and up the coast of San Diego County, of the growing tidal wave of busted height restrictions and zero parking spaces–a tidal wave that will reach shoreline before the sea level rises.

Call me alarmist if you will, but anyone not familiar with the series of housing bills raining down on us from Sacramento will drown in a breathless awakening.

Unfortunately, most San Diegans find out what their City Council and mayor are up to when they see the new structures breaking ground, or the resulting spillover of cars parked in front of their homes from new developments with zero parking spaces.

Text of Parking Ordinance


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