Shortlist for Aborting the Morena Specific Plan

Here’s the shortlist for aborting the Plan:

1)  Doesn’t include a necessary pedestrian bridge to facilitate trolley riders accessing the Clairemont and Tecolote Stations from Mission Bay.

2)  Doesn’t include a promised expansion of the sidewalk, nor angled parking, on the east side of Morena Blvd (The Bay Park Boardwalk Concept initiated by the       Community) that was to provide an incentive to property owners, helping to create a community center between the two trolley stations.

3) The Design Guidelines are just that; guidelines.  The community wants them to be required in the Plan, and not left to Developers to decide the public good.

4) Doesn’t include zoning and land use restrictions for the Clairemont Community portion of the Plan- the community wants the 30ft height limit and density clearly set our in the Plan.  The City Planners want land use and zoning to remain the same as it exists in hopes that State Law will remove all planning decisions from local jurisdictions (i.e. community planning groups) for land that surrounds all transit hubs prior to the anticipated Community Plan Update not slated to be finalized until 2020-2021. This effectively leaves the ability to bust the 30Ft Height Limit open until that Plan Update is approved by the City Council in 2021 or later.

5) Busts the existing 45 ft height limits in the Linda Vista portion of the Plan, that would severely over-densify that quarter of Morena Blvd by allowing 65ft & 108 ft height limits (and hence corresponding higher density) and provide bulk density bonuses to developers reducing current parking space requirements.

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