Sending a Message to the City Council, Planning Dept & Planning Commission

At the Planning Commission Meeting on October 4th:

1) The first project seeking a land use change and approval within the MSP (Morena Specific Plan) was presented by Fairfield Residential Apartment Homes at the Oct 4th Planning Commission Meeting

2) Commissioners want Fairfield to bust the 30Ft Height Limit

3) Commissioners want 300 units instead of Fairfield’s proposal for 150

4) Commissioners berated our community for not taking on its “fair share” of housing

5) Commissioners approved the project but claims it sets a “bad precedent” for future development along Morena Blvd

Note: These same questions will be asked by the Planning Commission every time a developer seeks a change to the existing LUZ (Land Use and Zoning) within the MSP.  Read more…

OCT 16th
6:30 pm
Alcott Elementary School
4680 Hildago Ave
92117Public Comment in Support of Fairfield Residential Project

Oct 16th is the Community’s chance to push back  the demands of the Planning Commission!

Voicing our support of Fairfield’s project proposal during the regular CCPG (Clairemont Community Planning Group) Meeting on Oct. 16th  is our first step to send the message to the CCPG, City Council, City Planning Department and the San Diego Planning Commission to:

  • Respect our Height Limits in the Clairemont & Linda Vista Plan Areas
  • Curtail proposals for added density by maintaining existing Community Plan Objectives or adopt ones that reflect the community’s wishes
  • Look to larger projects (Jerome’s 1700 unit, 108 Ft Luxury Apartment Proposal ) to build affordable housing onsite and provide work-force housing

Please note: The Fairfield Residential Project has already been approved by our Community Planning Group.  The project is not on the Agenda for Oct 16th, but there will be time at the beginning of the meeting for  “Public Comment” on issues not on the Agenda.  We will be using the Public Comment period to voice support of Fairfield’s project.  Each speaker is given 2 minutes to speak.  We are encouraging you to attend in support of Fairfield even if you don’t intend on speaking. We’re encouraging a show of support from the community in favor of Fairfield to send a message to the Planning Commission that our input must be respected.

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