January 9, 2018

SB 827- ALERT!

On April 17th, 2018, SB 827 was defeated in the California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, but we must continue opposition efforts as Senator Wiener vowed to bring it back in 2019.  Our main opposition to the bill was that it would take all local control away from our Community Planning Group for transit areas defined by the State.

Read articles here about SB 827 defeat…

For now, a big “shout-out” to all of you who emailed your state legislators in opposition to it!




**Please read the entire Bill- its only 2 pages.  

A) SB827

B) Transit Priority Areas the Bill will apply to:

The Planning Dept just released these “TPA” areas in their latest workshop in Clairemont.

C. An Opposing View: “California Bill Would Allow Unrestricted Housing by Transit, Solve State Housing Crisis”

D. RTB VIEW  “Why this Bill Will Destroy Local Land Use Control”

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