SANDAG Seizure of Vacant Lot – 9/9/16


(UPDATE)- On December 16, 2016, SANDAG Board of Directors respond to Community Email Petition and votes UNANIMOUSLY with community to drop eminent domain lawsuit.  Read more…

History of Vacant Lot Battle

Click here for the audio to the SANDAG meeting on 9/9/16.  Skip down the list to “0.55.22 Patricia Hom, resident” to hear the beginning of public comments.

At left are the Quick Facts where we will post daily/weekly progress and new information about the vacant lot.

9.9.16 Vote results: SANDAG votes against community, refuses to drop eminent domain lawsuit.

Click here  for the list of names of the Board Members matching each city’s/jurisdiction vote count.  The PASS vote was in favor to SEIZE the property by eminent domain.

“San Diego A” was voted by Todd Gloria

“San Diego B” is Lori Zapf.

Note that these two votes carry a total of 40% weight of the vote![/su_expand]

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