January 12, 2015

RCP Guide

The easiest place to begin understanding the plan is to read the 7 pages of the RCP where the goals are outlined. The Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) was finalized in 2004.  A document created by SANDAG, the entity responsible for our regional and local transportation systems. General and local Community Plans are required to mirror the RCP.

  1. Preserve and enhance the San Diego region’s unique features
  2. Promote sustainability, economic prosperity, and an outstanding quality of life for everyone
  3. Permanently preserve open space corridors
  4. The coastline restored to its natural condition
  5. Our transportation, water, and energy infrastructure systems serve the needs of the region
  6. Significantly higher and sustainable standard of living for all our residents
  7. Attractive, efficient, and well-integrated transit stations
  8. Homes built or retrofitted with environmentally-friendly materials and universal design features, resulting in greater energy and water efficiency
  9. Homes are energy-efficient and our yards are attractively landscaped with less-thirsty native plants
  10. Utility lines underground
  11. All voices are heard in the decision-making process

It is up to local community planning groups and residents of each community plan area to make sure that the updates and changes to our community plans incorporate ALL of the above goals.



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