May 4, 2019

Why sb50 & sb330 Should Be Opposed

Both senate bills should be opposed because they seek to:

  • Remove local control of housing regulations to allow multi-family apartment buildings to be constructed in single-family zoned neighborhoods
  • Render local building regulations that seek to control height limits, FAR (Floor area ratios), and square-footage requirements NULL & VOID.
  • Allow State overrides of voter approved ballot initiatives regulating housing
  • Favor for-rent housing over for-sale housing, exacerbating loss of participatory equity by lower income families
  • Endanger coastal height limits (protected by Prop D) until 2025 to allow high-rise production of rental apartments
  • Suspend inland height limits until 2025 without prescribing adequate building height maximums that currently protect communities from over-densification
  • Impose housing quotas without allocating financial resources for  the necessary infrastructure and city services required to sustain added development

Finally, these bills should be rejected because they do not guarantee the production of affordable housing by allowing developers to utilize in-lieu fees instead of building on-site affordable housing units, thereby displacing the poor and elderly.

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