April 29, 2019

What’s At Stake?

What’s at stake?


In New York, luxury tower builders use a loophole (similar to La Jolla and San Diego City) to build taller than community plans allow.  Read NY Times article here… For New York builders, floors that store mechanical systems don’t count against the total square footage allowed.  The tower above has 88 “mechanical storage” floors.

In San Diego City, and in particular in Bay Park and La Jolla, the luxury tower builders are using the “in-lieu fee” loophole to avoid building the affordable housing that up-zoning is based upon.  The fee was lowered in San Diego in in 2017.

In the 1970s, San Diego voters implemented a 30-foot height limit for construction along the city’s coastline and required a public vote to build taller.

Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, sb50, introduced in December 2018, will override the protective height limit to enable new market rate housing near transit.

Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) introduced Senate Bill 330, in January 2019, entitled The Housing Crisis Act of 2019 to do away with many city and county restrictions on homebuilding for a decade — a response, she’s said, to the scope of the state’s housing challenges.  San Diego’s coastal height limit would be suspended until 2030 for new homes should the bill pass, a spokesman for Skinner said.

What’s at stake is the public’s local control of land use issues in our neighborhoods.  Last year, sb827 was roundly rejected by lawmakers. This year they are trying to implement a work-around with the passage of sb50, and sb330.

SB330 allows the San Diego City Council to SUSPEND THE CALIFORNIA COASTAL HEIGHT LIMIT UNTIL 2030.

State control over local land use removes all current local jurisdiction and rights to appeal building height limits, requirements for developers to provide parking spaces in new projects built in TPAs, leaves the provision of infrastructure upgrades and additional public services to local cities and municipalities that lack the resources to implement them,  and removes adequate  CEQA review necessary to mitigate the affect of packing dense projects in our neighborhoods.

Was your home a target of defeated sb50?


We are not sitting idle and hoping our Sacramento Lawmakers will protect us.  None of our local lawmakers have taken a stand against sb50 or sb330.

To protest the bad policy moves by local lawmakers who are thinking about suspending or removing Coastal Act CEQA protections & Prop D height limits, and who voted for removing parking space requirements, we’re organizing Balloon March II, similar to our organized protest in 2014 where we used a 10ft diameter helium filled balloon flown at 60 ft,  marched it down Morena Blvd  with 450 neighbors (see video above) in protest over the city’s removal of our 3o ft height limit in Bay Park.

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