April 27, 2019

What We Want

What We Don’t Want


The Housing Crisis Act of 2019” (sb330) and “The More Homes Act” (sb50) will be state law by the end of the year if communities across the state don’t take action now.

These disastrous California senate bills are making their way unanimously through senate committees in Sacramento.

Neither are good fixes to California’s affordable housing crisis. RTB is committed to engaging all San Diegans in the conversation about these bills and the larger AFFORDABLE housing crisis we face.

If enacted these bills will:

  • Render Height Limits along the coast of California and inland, “null & void”
  • Take away local control over housing decisions
  • Make it illegal for a city, county or municipality to enact laws to supersede, negate or otherwise override State control of housing
  • Allow multi-family units to be built in existing single-family neighborhoods
  • Impose minimum building height limits around Transit Priority Areas (TPAs) of 45 feet
  • Outlaw building height maximums in TPAs and “Jobs-Rich” areas
  • Reduce parking space requirements to .5 per unit in TPAs and “Jobs Rich” areas.
  • Gentrify our poorer neighborhoods and displace their residents
  • Allow builders to use the “in-lieu fee” loophole to refuse to build on-site affordable housing units
  • Favor the construction of for-rent apartments that exacerbate the loss of participatory equity that for-sale units provide the lower income families in our communities


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