April 27, 2019

What We Do

What We Do


  • We host community forums, neighborhood meetings and protest events to increase public participation in the planning process of our communities.


  • We make presentations re sb50 & sb330 to Community Planning Groups. Check the Calendar for the next presentation in your Plan Area.


  • We provide electronic petitions for residents to sign and forward to family, friends, and next-door neighbors throughout San Diego County.


  • We connect with other Activists Groups throughout the State of California and share tools, releases, events, and knowledge


  • We are launching a new ballot initiative (Amendment to the California State Constitution) that will retain local control of  planning decisions over housing and will require that the State of California pay for the upgrades to infrastructure and necessary additional city services when new housing projects are built in our communities that are mandated by the State through housing quotas, RHNA targets, or any other state law.
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