May 17, 2019

sb50 – YIMBYS trying to revive it!

SB 50 was moved to a 2 year bill in the Appropriations Committee earlier today, May 16th, 2019.     The only differences between a 2 year bill and holding the bill in suspense are: 1.  A suspense bill CANNOT be brought to the floor in the current legislative session without a vote of the Appropriations Committee and does not carry over to the 2nd year of a legislative session while 2.  A 2 year bill CAN BE INTRODUCED onto the floor by the speaker pro tem during the current legislative session and can be carried over into the second year without having to go back to any policy committees it has cleared.  SB 50 could become a stealth bomber if we do not remain vigilant because (a) unlike a suspense bill, Senator Atkins can call for a floor vote at any time (including next week) or anytime before May 31 and (b) SB 50 can be heard in the Appropriations Committee at any time beginning January 6, 2020 and sent to the Senate Floor for approval anytime through January 31, 2020. So, SB 50 stays in the Appropriations Committee during this first year of a legislative session which ends this year on September 13, 2019 unless Senator Atkins calls for a floor vote this month in which case it goes to the floor now.  That is what the YIMBY groups are pushing. ***See YIMBY message at bottom of this page. Although I was told by Senator Atkins’ office that she viewed the delay as helpful and that the bill would stay in appropriations until January, given the YIMBY call to action in the above link, we also need to make our voices heard to Senator Atkins.  That is especially true because her press release is not consistent with my understanding of a 2 year bill status. Continuing conversations do little good because I do not think a 2 year bill can be amended (other than technical amendments) without altering the critical benefit of a 2 year bill over suspense or defeat — 2 year bills keep their policy committee clearances.  So the suggestion that anything is going to happen to make the bill different as the result of “continuing conversations” is, I believe, wrong. Emails to: Also please contact her offices by phone or mail as follows: Capitol Office State Capitol, Room 205 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 651-4039 Fax: (916) 651-4939 San Diego District Office 1350 Front Street, Suite 4061 San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: (619) 645-3133 Fax: (619) 645-3144 Even if there is no floor vote this month, the bill can pass under the radar since in December and January, everyone’s focus is on the new bills to be introduced.  As a 2 year bill, SB 50 does not need to go back to any policy committee, retaining it’s status as having passed Housing Committee. Also note the bad news that SB 330 passed out of Appropriations to the Senate Floor.  Bad enough on its own, SB 330 could be amended to include at least some of the parts of SB 50 before a floor vote.  SB 330 already has some aspects similar to SB 50 and certainly at least the zoning provisions of SB 50 that relate to vacant land and the placement of transient and supportive housing could easily be incorporated into SB 330. ***YIMBY CALL TO ACTION MESSAGE

Below is a message from YIMBY Action.

From: Laura from YIMBY Action <he…>
Date: May 17, 2019 at 8:44:46 AM PDT
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Subject: We’ve got 72 hours to save SB 50
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Don’t let this stand.

Demand a Vote for SB 50!

Yesterday Senate Bill 50, the MoreHOMES Act, had a major setback. This bill has the potential to vastly increase home building near mass transit and in single-family home neighborhoods across California – and it ain’t over.

Senate President pro tempore Toni Atkins has the power to save Senate Bill 50 and ensure a floor vote before the end of May. She’ll only do that if people demand it.

That’s where you come in.

1) Ask Senator Atkins to bring SB 50 for a vote.

Tell her office that you want SB 50 to be voted on the floor of the State Senate this legislative session.

Across the state, ask your friends to make this call. If you have a network in San Diego, we especially hope they can call Senator Atkins.

Senator Toni Atkins
(916) 651-4039 Optional Script: Hi, my name is _____. I’m calling because SB 50, the More HOMES Act, is extremely important to me. I live in _____ and I’m tired of seeing how high housing costs are damaging my community. It’s time to bring the More HOMES Act to the Senate floor. We need a vote THIS YEAR.

2) Express Yourself, using #MoreHOMESthisyear

Whether it’s short tweet tagging @SenToniAtkins or a long medium post, ask for a vote this year for SB 50. You can write a Facebook screed, a Tweetstorm, a Nextdoor rant or share a long email to your elected officials. Use the long list of endorsers from the SB 50 Fact Sheet to back up your case.

Find other people’s pro-SB 50 comments and elevate them. The drumbeat on social media must be undeniable. Tag @yimbyaction or email us your content and we’ll share them.

3) Keep the momentum going

Forward this email to a friend. Add a preface about why this issue is so important to you personally. Tell them now is the time. Because it is.

There are still more pro-housing bills to support.

No matter what happens with Senate Bill 50, there are still many local and state issues that we’ll continue to fight for. The next state bill priority is Senate Bill 330, so take action now!
Email Your Support for SB 330
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