May 9, 2019

sb330 & Coastal Height Limit

Where Coastal Height Limit Could Have Been Suspended Proposition D Height Limit- Municipal Code Liam Dillon, Los Angeles Times Housing Reporter TweetReplying to @sidkap_ Though it doesn’t say so specifically now in the language, Skinner’s office confirmed to me that the intention of the bill will be to suspend height limits similar to and including San Diego’s coastal height limit and the bill will be amended to reflect that.


Our  La Jolla Response Group were successful in getting sb330 amended on May 7, 2019, to protect the 30ft Coastal Height limit.

Background of the unamended bill, prior to May 7th:

  • 2/19/19- sb330 was introduced on the floor of the Senate & read the first time
  • 3/20/19- Los Angeles Times Housing reporter, Liam Dillon, confirms with Sen. Skinner’s representative that San Diego’s coastline Proposition D protected height limit is an intended target of both sb330 & sb50. Liam’s tweet…
  • 3/27/19- RTB Spokesperson, James LaMattery, contacts Councilmember Barbara Bry, and all San Diego City Councilmembers, for official positions on sb50 & sb330. (As of 5/10/19-only Councilwoman Barbara Bry was in opposition, the remainder have not provided positions to our office).
  • 3/27/19- RTB Spokesperson, James LaMattery, after having received only an auto response from Bry’s office, again informs her office that a position was necessary as he was presenting an opposing position on the bills to the La Jolla Community Planning Association on 3/28/19.
  • 3/28/19- James LaMattery presents case for opposition of sb50 & sb330 at La Jolla Community Planning Association meeting.
  • 4/18/19- James LaMattery presents sb50 and sb330 to community at REBA.  A community-wide request is made, asking residents to call state senators to oppose both senate bills.
  • 5/2/19 With pressure from the La Jolla Community Planning Association at their May 2 meeting, Councilmember Barbara Bry’s representative, Mauricio Medina responded that Bry is “against SB 330 and SB 50,” but “it is really at the State level” and he suggested reaching out to San Diego’s representative, Senator Toni Atkins.
  • 5/4/19-RTB issues an EMAIL ALERT to La Jolla, Bay Park, & Clairemont Community to call senators to register opposition to sb50 & sb330.
  • 5/7/19- sb330 is amended in the Senate! The amendment added text to the bill, clearly stating it couldn’t be construed to void a height limit established by the electorate prior to Jan 1, 2018, as Proposition D was approved in 1972.
  • 5/9/19 – VOSD: Sen.Skinner claims Proposition D height limit was never the target of sb330- Despite her representative’s claim to Liam Dillon (above) in an interview on March 20th.





sb330 Amendment, May 7, 2019: (2) This section shall not be construed to void a height limit, urban growth boundary, or urban limit established by the electorate of an affected county or an affected city on or before January 1, 2018.


For inland areas, not protected by Proposition D height limits, this means the SDCC can issue a simple variance to a project developer to increase current height limits within a TPA or “Jobs Rich” area.

When you understand that the BIA (Building Industry Association) is the “co-sponsor” of the bill, you begin to realize why all legitimate electorate avenues to fight back are cleverly written into the bill-only their lobbyists could design such effective language to cut off any public participation in the housing “crisis.”


State has a great civics lesson some could benefit from.

In his “State of the City 2019” Mayor The San Diego City Council were emboldened by the mayor’s speech, and removed parking space requirements for projects built in TPAs on March 19, 2019.




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