May 5, 2019

San Diego Lawmaker’s Opinion of sb50 & sb330

Want to Know What San Diegan Lawmakers Think of sb50 & sb330? Read the article from VOSD below:


Mayor Kevin Faulconer has not been shy about his embrace of YIMBYism.

He kicked off the year by making a bold declaration in his State of the City speech: “Height limits outside the coastal zone put a cap on housing. This year I’ll propose the Council remove them. We must change from a city that shouts, ‘Not in my backyard’ to one that proclaims, ‘Yes in my backyard!’ From a city of NIMBYs to a city of YIMBYs. Together we’re going to transform San Diego into a YIMBY city!”

He’s since been the subject of glowing profiles that tout him of an example other Republicans should follow.

But when it comes to arguably the most closely watched measure in the state, Sen. Scott Weiner’s SB 50, a proposal to allow for taller, denser developments near transit hubs, the mayor said he’s neutral.

Councilwoman Vivian Moreno, who chairs the Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee and has also embraced the YIMBY cause, also didn’t appear to have a position on the measure when she discussed it with the U-T, and said she has no plans to bring the measure up for a resolution that the Council could weigh in on.

When we had Moreno on the podcast recently, I asked her for her thoughts on Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner Horvath’s bill to sharply curb short-term vacation rentals in coastal cities in San Diego County. She said she couldn’t offer her thoughts because she hadn’t read the bill. Which, fair enough.

It’s become something of a trend for San Diego’s biggest housing champions to suddenly go quiet when high-profile, controversial housing proposals are put forward. Two of the most vocal housing proponents in the state Legislature, Assemblyman Todd Gloria and Sen. Toni Atkins, wouldn’t say where they stood on 2018’s Prop. 10, which would have opened the door to new rent control policies across the state.

Since then, however, Gloria has taken a vote in favor of a bill to put limits on rent hikes, and he and Atkins will both eventually have to cast votes for or against SB 50 (if it makes it that far). Atkins has already showed her hand a bit by placing Weiner in charge of the committee on housing.

The housing crisis is a gnarly, mammoth problem. Most proposed solutions manage to spur anger among all kinds of disparate groups. It’s not easy. But I certainly don’t remember any politician winning office with a rousing, “I commit to tackling the lowest-hanging fruit and the rest, eh … ”

It’s hard to imagine us making any meaningful progress in addressing the crisis if no one is even willing to say whether they support or oppose the ideas on the table.

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