December 12, 2018

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Jim Vid PicWatch this 5 minute video explaining the role of the Subcommittee that will be responsible for reviewing the City of San Diego’s final Morena Specific Plan. Want your voice and input included? Just use the form below! 

Previous Subcommittee Meetings

p1May 9: Part 1
p2May 9: Part 2
p4May 9: Part 3

p1Jan 11: Part 1
p2Jan 11: Part 2
To be Uploaded

Sept 21 :Part 1
AH.1Sept 21 : Part 2
AH.1 Sept 21 : Part 3

Part 1Part 1- August 17th

p2Part 2- August 17th

p3Part 3- August 17th

p2Part 4- August 17th


Part One: July 20th (First Subcommittee Meeting)- First 6 minutes where Planners discuss the Morena Specific Plan and define the role of the volunteer/ resident- based subcommittee.


Part Two: July 20th Subcommittee Meeting – Public Input Section



Part Three: July 20th Subcommittee Meeting- Public Input Section

Part Four: July 20th Subcommittee Meeting– Public Input Section

hqdefaultPart Five: July 20th Subcommittee Meeting-The Ten Guiding Principles

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