August 3, 2017

Protecting the 30Ft Height Limit in Bay Park

Protecting the 30ft Height Limit
and Preventing the Re-Zoning of Bay Park, Bay Ho & Overlook Heights


In October of 2016, the Land Use and Zoning Element (height and density restrictions) was intentionally removed from the Clairemont portion of the draft of the  Morena Specific Plan (MSP) and pushed to the Clairemont Plan Update (scheduled for finalization in 2021). 

Stalling the final decisions of Land Use and Zoning in the MSP, provides City Planners time to bust the 30ft Height Limit elsewhere in Clairemont, setting a precedent to bust it in the MSP. 

As a result, no written or effective guarantee has been included in the Plan to maintain the 30ft Height limit or provide constraints on the maximum units per acre on all development within its boundaries.  The City wants to bust the 30Ft Height Limit in the Morena Corridor. 


During a presentation by the City Staff of the draft MSP to the Planning Commission in April of 2017,  Planning Commissioner Chairman Hasse made a formal recommendation that the Land Use and Zoning Element be included in the Draft Specific Plan PRIOR to environmental review in order to “provide certainty not only for the community and what they will see, but also certainty for the private land owners and developers.”   Read the transcript of this interchange: Chairman-Hasse-Comments

The Chairman’s recommendations were rejected by the Planning Dept, and the draft plan was submitted for Environmental Review without the Land Use and Zoning Element for the Clairemont Plan Area.  However, the Land Use and Zoning Element was submitted in the draft for the Balboa and Linda Vista portions of the MSP.


A community demand that the Land Use and Zoning be included in the Draft Specific Plan PRIOR to the draft  Plan submission the the City Council for final approval.  


 The Land Use and Zoning Element  of the MSP will be determined in the process of the update of the Clairemont Community Plan.  That update will take a minimum of 3 years to complete before it’s final draft is voted upon by the San Diego City Council.  In the original vote taken by our CCPG (Clairemont Community Planning Group) in February of 2014 on whether the height limit should remain, 6 members voted to maintain it, 2 voted against maintaining it.

Waiting for approval from the new Clairemont Community Plan Update on the final decision over Land Use and Zoning could mean that we run the risk of losing any community control of heights or density limits for the 1/2 mile radius around the Clairemont Drive, Tecolote Road, Balboa Ave, and existing Morena Vista trolley stations as City Staff continues to stall ( i.e. removing it from the final MSP) while  seeking other ways to avoid guaranteeing  height and density limits until 2021 or beyond.

We are also under pressure from the California State Legislators who are writing and submitting new bills to remove TOD sites (in our case, the 1/2 mile radius around every trolley station) from any community jurisdiction (local Community Planning Groups). These bills seek to override the local planning group process in order to streamline approval of “affordable” housing.

Watch the video (below) of the Planning Commission update of the Morena Specific Plan and you will instantly realize that the mandate for TOD (Transit Oriented Development) is something that the Planning Commission will enforce to its MAXIMUM ability.  Public input will be of little or no consequence once the Morena Specific Plan goes before the Planning Commission for a vote after the environmental review process is completed.

Planning Commission Meeting Analysis

What we can expect from Planning Commission!

Michael Prinz, the lead senior Planner for the Morena Corridor presented an informational update of the Morena Specific Plan to the Commissioners of the City’s Planning Commission on Thursday, April 20th.  (Video of Meeting) We encourage every resident to view it in order to understand what’s in store for density proposals for both the Clairemont and Linda Vista portions that make up the MSP boundaries.

The Commissioners are adamant about getting as much housing as possible no matter what the impact to height limits, roadways, parking,etc!

Please pay particular attention to Chairman Hasse when he questions Tate Galloway, Program Manager for Long Range Planning, City of SD Planning Dept regarding why Land Use and Zoning was not included in the MSP and going forward into the EIR process.

The Chair, after listening to City Staff response, states that it should be included and made a formal recommendation that it be included. Read the transcription of this interchange:Chairman-Hasse-Comments

Hasse’s final statement sums up why RTB is adamant about Land Use and Zoning be returned to the Ad-Hoc Subcommittee, and included in the Draft Plan going forward to environmental review:

“But to the degree that we can, eh, with a Specific Plan, complete that work so that we don’t have to go back through this process again. Part of that is to give the community a guarantee.  That if you do it this way, then there’s certainty not only for the community and what they will see, but also certainty for the private land owners and developers.”

The normal process for a specific plan update is that all elements of the plan, especially Land Use and Zoning (height and density allowances), are included in the draft Plan that is submitted for initial environmental review.  Excluding any element means that it must go through another process of environmental review at a later time; a cost of taxpayer dollars that Chairman Hasse is attempting to avoid.


Repeal of Parking Ordinance 0-2019-101

Dear San Diego City Councilmembers,

I'm a resident of San Diego and I'm asking you to REPEAL Parking Ordinance O-2019-101, the Housing SD: Proposed Parking Requirement Regulatory Reform for Multifamily Residential Development in Transit Priority Areas that was approved on 3/19/2019.

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