April 16, 2019


“Jobs Rich” & “High Resource” Areas

Most of the current legislation has targeted transit priority areas (TPAs) for the “new rules” of sb827 (defeated), sb50 (defeated), and sb330 (passed in 2019).

Added to sb902 are “jobs rich” areas that will have a huge impact on our single-family neighborhoods.

Below is the “High Resource” map from Housing and Community Development (HCD) identifying in bright red the “new target areas” of the “new rules” with the addition of “jobs rich areas.”

SB 902 definition of “jobs rich areas”:

e) (1) “Jobs-rich area” means an area identified by the Department of Housing and Community Development in consultation with the Office of Planning and Research that is both high opportunity and jobs rich, based on whether, in a regional analysis, the tract meets the following:
(A) The tract is higher opportunity and its characteristics are associated with positive educational and economic outcomes for households of all income levels residing in the tract.
(B) The tract meets either of the following criteria:
(i) New housing sited in the tract would enable residents to live in or near a jobs-rich area, as measured by employment density and job totals.
(ii) New housing sited in the tract would enable shorter commute distances for residents, compared to existing commute levels.
(2) The Department of Housing and Community Development shall, commencing on January 1, 2020, publish and update, every five years thereafter, a map of the state showing the areas identified by the department as “jobs-rich areas.”

Please read the explanation of Jobs Rich Areas provided by Grow The San Diego Way for their in-depth analysis.

pdf version Jobs Rich Areas

Read APA(American Planning Association) opposition to sb50 and the “Jobs Rich” analysis.

Cick on Map to go to HCD’s entire map for California

High Density Opportunity Map

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