September 9, 2020


ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Deregulation Harmful Impacts

Robert Roth-

In recent years the State of California has mandated that ADU permits become ministerial and the city of San Diego has adopted a one size fits all building code lacking any oversight and discretionary review causing great harm to our San Diego metro and coastal single family residence homeowners. Unless you have CC&Rs in place, this can happen to you with no warning. The city needs to know if you been adversersely affected by a neighbor’s ADU build negatively impacting your main residence. 


One ADU in Bay Park is being built as a wall in front of three principle single family homes, boxing them in and has blocked 50% plus of views to over 7 other homes on the same block due to it’s design, height and lot placement. These mid-century terraced lots were not designed to hold two residences, so eliminating oversight and discretionary review, or at least specific ADU regulation by neighborhood/lot type immediately harms surrounding homes.


*We support adding housing and even ADUs in San Diego, but it should not be at the great expense and reduction of habitability of surrounding homes. We need your support and cooperation so that this does not happen to you, because it can and eventually will without warning if legislation does not change.



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