April 15, 2018

Polls And Surveys

If you haven’t completed the short Community Survey, please do so now!

The above 90Ft Poll is still open, so if you haven’t voted yet, please do so now.  Remember that you can view the results of any poll or petition by clicking “View Results” at the bottom of each.

This was a secondary poll which was submitted to the community prior to Protea Properties’ purchase of the Vacant Lot.

Poll now closed.  This was the first of our polls regarding the roadway re-configuration of Morena Blvd.  These were submitted to the community after city planners and engineers refused to consider keeping the existing 4 lanes.  .

These are the results of the first “3-Alternatives Poll.”  This Poll is now closed.  We anticipate creating an Email Petition to send to the San Diego City Councilmembers if the planning department refuses (during the 45-Day Public Review Period of the Morena Specific Plan)) to consider keeping the existing 4 lanes on Morena Blvd.

Parking Regulation Petition

Hon. Councilmember

On March 4th, you voted to adopt Ordinance O-2019-101, the Housing SD: Proposed Parking Requirement Regulatory Reform for Multifamily Residential Development in Transit Priority Areas.

I'm a voting constituent in your District.

The adoption of the ordinance is premature as we lack a viable and connected transit system. Until San Diego has a fully functioning transit system, the ordinance will force automobile using tenants and/or owners of living units within Transit Priority Areas to park on our residential streets surrounding transit stations.

Please VOTE NO on the adoption of Ordinance 0-2019-101 at the adoption hearing in Council Chambers on 3/19/2019.


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Sample Petition

This petition is now closed.

End date: Mar 19, 2019

Signatures collected: 1

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Protecting the 30ft Height Limit
and Re-Zoning in Bay Park

OPPOSE sb330

Hon. Assembly Members Chiu, Gabriel,kiley, Maienschein & Gloria

I'm a San Diego Resident and opposed to sb330. The loss of local control of housing decisions is unacceptable to me. The prohibition, in the bill, for the public to exercise its voice with a ballot initiative or referendum is unconstitutional and anti- democratic. We elect our local leaders for that purpose, leading the local housing decisions with established community planning groups and stakeholders who live where housing changes are made. Affordable housing (AH) will not be built in our neighborhoods with the potential for ocean views as developers opt out of building on-site affordable units and elect to pay in-lieu fees that are not commensurate to the cost of building AH. This bill encourages the building of "for rent" apartments only, and "for sale" units are not offered, thereby eliminating equity gain participation by occupants, a necessary step for AH recipients to move up to market rate housing. Please vote against the bill when it comes before your committee or full vote in the Assembly.

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Repeal of Parking Ordinance 0-2019-101

Dear San Diego City Councilmembers,

I'm a resident of San Diego and I'm asking you to REPEAL Parking Ordinance O-2019-101, the Housing SD: Proposed Parking Requirement Regulatory Reform for Multifamily Residential Development in Transit Priority Areas that was approved on 3/19/2019.

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Land Use and Zoning (height and density allowances) have not been included in the Draft of the Morena Specific Plan that is scheduled for Environmental Review this May.  As a result, no written or effective guarantee has been included in the Plan to maintain the 30ft Height limit or limits on units per acre.  Planning Commissioner Chairman Hasse has made a formal recommendation that Land Use and Zoning be included in the Draft Specific Plan PRIOR to environmental review in order to “provide certainty not only for the community and what they will see, but also certainty for the private land owners and developers.”   Read the transcript of this interchange: Chairman Hasse Comments.

 View the video by clicking the picture below:

The Commissioners are adamant about getting as much housing as possible no matter what the impact to height limits, roadways, parking, etc!

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