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What do buyers and sellers need to know?

Awareness of the Impact of  State Housing Legislation


State housing legislation aimed at solving California’s housing crisis has a major impact on how San Diego plans for it share of new housing. I hold public meetings in order to help residents engage with the planning process. Legislation such as SB330 (The Housing Crisis Act of 2019) would have suspended until 2026 the Coastal 30 FT height limit in La Jolla when it was first introduced in the state senate in February of 2019. 

I organized a response group that wrote letters, signed petitions, and notified their neighbors to put pressure on the state senators who wrote the bill. Our hard volunteer work paid off and we were successful in getting SB330  amended to protect the height limit on May 7.  2019.   

As a full-time Realtor©, I felt compelled to help future and current residents protect their views and control the area from over-densification.  I believe we need to complete our transit system prior to placing any new construction related to our RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Assessment) in TPAs (Transit Priority Areas), otherwise we run the risk of clogging our arterial routes and major transit hubs with luxuury units.  The other problem to solve is affordablility in San Diego.  Our current affordable housing programs are insufficient and our City Council is allowing developers to build luxury units in TPAs that are supposed to serve our moderate and low-income families.








Transit Priority Areas (TPAs)

When purchasing a home, buyers should be refrencing their Community Plan.  The place to start is with the County’s TPA (Transit Priorty Map).  All of San Diego’s new housing projects will be located within TPAs.  The planning model implies that urban sprawl is better than suburban sprawl.









What is Planned Where You Want to Buy?


San Diego is undergoing radical changes in the way city and county governments plan for the future.

The Mid-Coast Trolley Line that extends from Linda Vista to UCSD is one example.  I help found ©Raise The Balloon with key residents in those neighborhoods in order to inform the community of the coming changes.  More that 2/3 of the population in the area were unaware of the changes that city and county government made, some of which was detrimental to the nature of their neighborhoods, some good changes that would transform where they call “home.”  

Some homebuyers want to be near transportation hubs and some don’t.  Most buyers are relying upon their Realtors© in order to guide them.   Having experience in reading and understanding planning documents, I’m able  to help inform both buyers and sellers of current and future planned projects in their communities.

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