December 20, 2018

Pedestrian Bridge


Rendering created by Ryan Rolla

At the October 10th, 2016 Ad-Hoc Subcommittee Meeting, Carol Schleisman, a sitting member of the subcommittee, proposed a new pedestrian walking bridge be built by SANDAG to mitigate the public safety issues that will occur once the Clairemont Dr Trolley Station Plan is completed.  RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk Committee are in FAVOR of a new pedestrian bridge and  James La Mattery, another sitting member of the Ad Hoc Subcommittee, will make a motion at the next scheduled meeting  that the subcommittee endorse the bridge, and include the bridge proposal in the subcommittee’s final review of the Morena Specific Plan.  Not only will the proposed bridge mitigate the public safety issues of the Clairemont Trolley Station, it will also make access to Mission Bay from the surrounding community easier and safer. It would also mitigate any excess parking issues by providing more trolley patron parking (at the existing Mission Bay parking lots) and access to the Station. Finally, it would provide access to the Station for patrons of the new Shoreline Proposal at the vacated Information Center at Mission Bay.




The cost and feasibility from nay-sayers is something that we anticipate.   We spoke with a retired Chief of Operations from SANDAG last week, a resident who is acutely aware of how SANDAG operates and he believes that there are plenty of SANDAG Public Funds to build the pedestrian bridge, especially with the upcoming vote on Measure A.

He stated that if the community banded together and demand  that SANDAG mitigate our public safety issues, that we identified at the last several Ad Hoc Subcommittee meetings, that we can be successful in forcing SANDAG to build the bridge,  We agree and are beginning the “Campaign for the Bridge” to not only provide access to trolley patrons and parking, but also beautify the Gateway to our community.  We are not professional engineers, and we must rely upon them to help identify the type and location for the bridge.  We will demand, at the next scheduled Ad Hoc Subcommittee meeting,  that City Planners include in their draft Morena Specific Plan a feasibility study in the scope of the upcoming EIR (Environmental Impact Review).

Please review the Balboa Station Plan Alternatives Survey  that SANDAG and the City of SD are allowing the Pacific Beach community to participate in.  Note that Alternative 1 provides a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the I-5 freeway to Mission Bay Drive.  If funds can be gotten for that bridge, we believe the same source of funds can  be gotten for a Bay Park pedestrian bridge to mitigate the very same public safety issues that the Clairemont Station poses as does the Balboa Station

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