"Opposition" Letter

**Please note: James posted this article on behalf of an anonymous resident of Bay Park


Mr Prinz,

Public input from the Bay Park area has clearly delineated the fact that there is overwhelming opposition to increased density, and overwhelming support for a 30″ height limit for the entire Morena Corridor. For more than three quarters of a century, Bay Park has been the area between Clairemont Drive and Linda Vista Road. The division of Bay Park at Tecolote Road is just a ploy in the plan to implement an agenda. Obviously, the planning commission is refusing to acknowledge these facts.

Taking the land use matter out of the discussions with the Morena Corridor Ad-Hoc committee is an abuse of power. Likewise, disregarding the quality of life concerns of property owners in Bay Park is a travesty of enormous proportions. It appears to me that the entire “public input” aspect of the “Morena Plan” has been a charade.

I vote in every election, including local primaries. Falconer and Zapf need to be and will be replaced.


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