Notes From Planning Commission Meeting June 27th

Planning Commission Meeting On Clairemont Density A Warning To Residents Accolades Abound Despite The Reality

At the June 27th Planning Commission Meeting, Commissioners lavishly praised the city planning department staff, Susan Mornian (Chair of the Clairemont Plan Update Subcommittee), and the rest of the members of the subcommittee, thanking all for a job well done in adding density to the Clairemont Community Plan.  The problem is that the Subcommittee didn’t reflect the will of the community!

I bit my tongue when Mornian claimed that it was a contentious process working with the community to add the density.  The real contention is over how the vote was taken at the April 14th Subcommittee Planning Group meeting where land scenarios were to be discussed.  On that meeting agenda, there was no formal announcement that a vote was going to be taken at the meeting:

"Item 4: Draft Land Use Scenarios Staff will present draft land use scenarios
based on the combined results of the Online Community Engagement Tool and In-Person Workshop,
as well as other land use scenarios that meet CPU objectives.
The Subcommittee will provide feedback and refinements to the draft scenarios."

If the Agenda stated that  there was going to be a vote to recommend that 5,000 new housing units would be added to the un-built stock of 6039 units, more members of the community, including myself, would have attended and voiced our opposition, an opposition that has been voiced by the majority of residents for over 5 years!

The following two CPU Subcommittee meetings resulted in the recommendation for density addition of 2,184 new housing units in the Bay Park area, along Morena Blvd between Clairemont Drive and Tecolote Road,  which will certainly mean the busting of the 30Ft Height Limit.

The commissioners pontificated about how great it was that the community and city staff came up with a recommendation that added more density to our Plan, but recommended that Land Scenario C be adopted, adding even more density to Bay Park and Clairemont Mesa:

All of us in opposition to this massive density addition need to show up at the City Council meeting on August 1st, to OPPOSE the final approval of the MCSP.  Our voices weren’t heard at the April 14th CPU Subcommittee because we weren’t noticed properly that a vote was to be taken, but with the tentative scheduling on the City Council docket on August 1st, we need to be there in force.

Please remember that the Balboa Specific Plan calls for 4,729 new units, and the Linda Vista portion of the MCSP will allow 3,300 new units.  This means that if these Plans are approved by the City Council, we will have over 11,000 new housing units clustered around the 3 new trolley stations (Balboa, Clairemont Drive, Tecolote Rd) with a transit system that is neither connected nor convenient.  How many years will we have to live with this massive over-population located at our major routes until a transit system is in place that takes people where they need to go?


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