January 31, 2020

Mayor Faulconer’s SB50 for the city of San Diego


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                                                  Ordinace (What the City Council Approves)


The most concerning aspect of the Complete Communities: Housing Solutions is that project aprovals will be in the hands of the Planning Department (ministerial) as opposed to discretionary (Public input through their respective Community Planning Groups).
Despite the city’s claim  that “This map does not rezone any property, nor does it amend any land use designation.” the reality for La Jolla is even starker as the plan seeks to “upzone” the density of the selected parcels through density bonuses to developers.  The plan is a trojan horse riding in on the promise of affordable housing
Mayor Faulconer has engaged the YIMBY vision (Yes In My Backyard) of removing traditional democratic processes in the planning cycle. To help readers understand the philosophy and goals of “YIMBY” (Yes In My Backyard) proponents of  housing plans such as these, I encourage you to read  attorney Cory Brigg’s   Open Letter to the San Diego County Democratic Party Executive Board  18 July 2020.



If you live in La Jolla please go here  to view the map.


If you live within a pink area (TPA) be prepared to have your communities height limits, setback requirements, and maximum density levels overriden by Mayor Faulconer’s Complete Communities Housing Solutions and Mobility Plan.


Eligible Area A

Eligible Area B

Eligible Area C

Eligible Area D


The mayor’s plan will overide our  height limits, density maximums, floor area ratios (FAR), and setback requirements.  The plan doesn’t require developers to provide parking spaces for the new units.

Read the details of the plan here.

PEIR report here & Draft Environmental Report here.

Faulconer's TPA Map-Click on Map to enter your address.,

Floor Area Ratio is the relationship between the maximum square footage that a unit can be in relationship to the lot size.  A floor area ratio of 8.0 means that the units can be 8 times the size of the lot.  Example: lot size is 1000 square feet, the permitable maximum square footage of the units that can be built on it is 8000 (8 times the size of the lot).   

draft_cchs_floor_area_ratio_allowances Project acrerage by community plan Project acrerage by community plan


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