December 5, 2018

Transit Priority Areas Map

The Transit Priority Areas Map below is shaded in yellow to represent the 1/2 mile radius (last mile) around identified Transit Hubs.  TOD (Transit Oriented  Development) is the prescribed method of urbanizing within TPAs.  San Diego’s “City of Villages” concept is based upon TOD where multi-family condos and apartments (rentals) eliminate the building of traditional single-family homes.

On 3/19/2019, the San Diego City Council removed the requirement that parking spaces must be provided to new projects located in TPAs.  The REPEAL Petition will require that the parking space regulations be re-instated.

Transit hubs (existing or planned) are major transit stops which contain an existing or planned rail transit station, a ferry terminal served by either a bus or rail transit service, or the intersection of two or more major bus routes with a frequency of service interval of 15 minutes or less during the morning or afternoon peak commute time periods.  One of the most highly contested aspects of TOD in TPAs are the use of 

density bonuses, where the Density Bonus Ordinance of San Diego allows reductions in building requirements, such as an appropriate number of parking spaces, when a developer builds the maximum density allowed on a project site including affordable housing minimum percentages.  Recently, the Mayor, Kevin Falconer, has proposed that no parking spaces be required in TPAs.

Read City of San Diego TPA Parking Update.

The assumption that we should “build up” and not “build out” has been used to concentrate all RHNA assessments for new housing to be build in the yellow shaded areas of the map.


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