December 5, 2018

TPAs New Zoning Map

TPAs (Transit Priority Areas) have been identified by the City of San Diego Planning Department.

The radial yellow shaded areas on the map are the approximately 1/2 mile radius that the City wants tall towers of apartments and condos to be built in.

The first proposed project to bust our 30ft height limit is the Mt. Etna project identified by the square red box on the map.

After repeated promises by the Planning Dept to maintain the 30Ft Height Limit in Bay Park, planners are once again proposing the limit be busted in the blue areas of the map (below) for near-term development, and within the yellow areas for long-term development.

The yellow shadow areas  have been designated “TPAs (Transit Priority Areas”).   TOD (Transit Oriented Development) is the type of development slated by the General Plan, per concepts of “Smart Growth” and “City of Villages” for all TPAs. 

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