Legal Fund Established for Opposition to Morena Plan

A legal fund has been established for the Linda Vista portion of the Morena Plan that will allow 108ft heights and a luxury tower in the Tecolote Station District.

If you would like to help gather donations for the legal fund, you can download the Donate Flyer LV here.

To make a donation: Please send an email with your pledge to You will then receive a reply email with instructions on how to make your donation.

Howard Wayne, Chair of the Linda Vista Ad-Hoc Subcommittee for the Morena Plan, delivered the residents position in this letter and presentation:

James LaMattery delivers his opposition and warning to the City Council that they are out of compliance with sb375, and are leaving the in-lieu fee loophole open for developers to take advantage and build luxury towers at the Tecolote Station District:

Councilmember Dr. Jennifer Campbell defends the community’s opposition to the Morena Plan:

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