April 24, 2019

La Jolla Page

This landing page is dedicated to residents of La Jolla and contains location specific information.  For other areas of San Diego County, please go back to the RTB Homepage.

Meetings at REBA


Information about sb50 and sb330 in every home in La Jolla

before Balloon March II on June 8th




May 9th


La Jolla Recreation Center

615 Prospect Ave

La Jolla, CA 92037

June 4th


Bird Rock Elementary School Auditorium

5371 Hermosa Ave

La Jolla, CA 92037


May 10th: Sb330 has been amended, but here's why we can't do the "happy dance" yet regarding the coastal overlay height limit.  We'll need specific amendments to the bill to make it stick.

***On April 30th, sb50 passed the Housing Committee (Carve outs not for La Jolla- UT) with a vote of 6to 2.  Senator McGuire forged a compromise with Senator Wiener by combining McGuire's sb4 housing bill with Wiener's sb50 allowing carve outs of smaller coastal communities with populations under 600,000.

Unfortunately, La Jolla, Coronado and Point Loma will not be included in the carve-outs because they are not incorporated cities, and fall under the City of San Diego's planning jurisdiction, which qualifies the areas above the 600,000 population guideline.

The May 7th Amendment to sb330 was a major victory had by the La Jolla residents that called, wrote, and emailed Assemblyman Todd Gloria, and Senator Toni Atkins after our April 18th meeting at REBA in La Jolla.  But we need more amendments to make it stick, here's why... 

Toni Akins before she appointed Sen Wiener to the Housing Committee...



  • Would you like to host a neighborhood party for your friends and neighbors with guest speaker, RTB  spokesperson, James LaMattery, to discuss sb50 & sb330's impact in La Jolla?  It's a great way to get the word out and work together with the community in pushing-back this new legislation before it becomes law.  Go here for more details...


  • MEETINGS are now being scheduled for La Jollans to get informed about sb50 and sb330 and create a substantial opposition base- please join our email alert list to receive notifications of upcoming meetings


  • FUND-RAISERS are being scheduled- please join our email alert list to receive notifications.




Designated TPAs in La Jolla
High Density Opportunity Map

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