February 5, 2020

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                                                  Ordinace (What the City Council Approves)

The most concerning aspect of the Complete Communities: Housing Solutions is that project aprovals will be in the hands of the Planning Department (ministerial) as opposed to discretionary (Public input through their respective Community Planning Groups).
Despite the city’s claim  that “This map does not rezone any property, nor does it amend any land use designation,” the reality for La Jolla is even starker as the plan seeks to “upzone” the density of the selected parcels through density bonuses to developers.  The plan is a trojan horse riding in on the promise of affordable housing
Mayor Faulconer has engaged the YIMBY vision (Yes In My Backyard) of removing traditional democratic processes in the planning cycle. To help readers understand the philosophy and goals of “YIMBY” (Yes In My Backyard) proponents of  housing plans such as these, I encourage you to read  attorney Cory Brigg’s   Open Letter to the San Diego County Democratic Party Executive Board  18 July 2020.


SEARCH MAP FOR FAR TIERS  *Note: higher FARs indicate greater building volume.

Note: FAR (Floor Area Ratio) definition here.  Floor Area Ratio is the relationship between the maximum square footage that a unit can be in relationship to the lot size.  A floor area ratio of 8.0 means that the units can be 8 times the size of the lot.  Example: lot size is 1000 square feet, the permitable maximum square footage of the units that can be built on it is 8000 (8 times the size of the lot).  


For those looking for the UCSD Petition, please go here.
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Eligible Area C

Faulconer’s Proposed Plan- Designated Areas in La Jolla where dense Multi-family units will be Incentivized


Mayor Faulconer’s “Complete Communities: Housing Solutions” plan can be found here.  The eligible area in La Jolla for the Mayor’s version of SB 50 shows the locations/streets (see map above) within the La Jolla TPAs (Transit Priority Areas).

We anticipate that project developers will seek waivers and/or variances to expand building multi-family housing units within the total TPA areas.  Since Faulconer’s proposed plan will be implemented with ministerial permits (no community planning groups can provide input or approve or reject the development projects) we believe that this current planning department and Faulconer’s push for development will approve the variances.

After COVID-19 restrictions to public meetings is lifted, I will be holding public meetings in La Jolla to help residents protect their Single-Famly neighborhoods and the 30FT Coastal Height Limit. 


You can enter your property address here to see if you live in a TPA.



I hold periodic meetings in La Jolla at my Real Estate Brokers Association building at 908 Kines St, La Jolla CA 92037.  Please join my email list to be notified of the next meeting.

Project Acreage Proposed for La Jolla








The list to the left shows the total acreage that the plan proposes for re-development.  Click on page to enlarge.

La Jolla Project Numbers

Goals / Meetings /  Articles


Information about sb50 and sb330 in every home in La Jolla

The May 7th Amendment to sb330 was a major victory had by the La Jolla residents that called, wrote, and emailed Assemblyman Todd Gloria, and Senator Toni Atkins after our April 18th meeting at REBA in La Jolla.  But we need more amendments to make it stick, here’s why… 


Toni Akins before she appointed Sen Wiener to the Housing Committee…

  • Would you like to host a neighborhood party for your friends and neighbors with guest speaker, RTB  spokesperson, James LaMattery, to discuss sb50 & sb330’s impact in La Jolla?  It’s a great way to get the word out and work together with the community in pushing-back this new legislation before it becomes law.  Go here for more details…



  • MEETINGS are now being scheduled for La Jollans to get informed about sb50 and sb330 and create a substantial opposition base- please join our email alert list to receive notifications of upcoming meetings
High Density Opportunity Map

The HIGH RESOURCE map to the right is the geographical areas that SB50 would have allowed new rules of construction in La Jolla.  Please note that areas in red would have been eligible.

Designated TPAs in La Jolla

The TPA map to the left identifies the areas that SANDAG has designated as TPAs (Transit Priority Areas) where SB50 rules would have applied.

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