February 2, 2020

James La Mattery Realtors©


 James LaMattery Realtors©

888 Prospect Street

Suite 200

La Jolla, CA 92037

(619) 972-3051

888 Prospect St, Suite 200
Business Lounge
Conference Room

Downtown / Little Italy / Chula Vista

Emerald Plaza- 402 West Broadway

Koll Center – 501 West Broadway

DiamondView Tower- 350 10th Ave

Makers Quarter- 845 15th St

Chula Vista- 333 H Street

Our Business Lounge is a wonderful place to meet with sellers and buyers.

When negotiations begin, our boardroom can host up to 12 people.

Our Reception area will take good care of you.  Parking is validated.

I have 16 locations to meet with sellers and buyers across San Diego County



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