It’s Time For The Big Stick!

It’s Time for the Big Stick!

Time to send a message to the City Council

By James LaMattery
Community Activist

My father used to call it the Big Stick. He said it was like a 2X4 to wake up our representatives.  The Big Stick is your vote.

City Planners played dirty when they removed Land Use and Zoning from the Ad Hoc Subcommittee representing you and your neighbors.  The city knew that the subcommittee was going to prevent them from busting our 30ft Height Limit in Clairemont. This was the reason they moved Land Use and Zoning (Height and Density) to the CPU (Clairemont Planning Update Committee).  The CPU has more “city-friendly” members on it.

Councilperson Lorie Zapf did not stand up to help her community when she had the chance. She could have sought help from the Mayor, who could have directed his planning Department to return Land Use and Zoning back to the community committee where it belongs. As a result, the Planning Dept is now “floating the proposal” to bust our height limit, something that they, and Zapf, repeatedly claim wouldn’t let happen.

All that Zapf has to say about the Morena Specific Plan is that she is “disappointed.”  All I have to say about Zapf is that I’m disappointed in her inaction to help us.

We need to send the message to our City Council that when they ignore the community, the community will fight back.  The only way we can do so is through our vote this coming November 6th.

I could care less if the current District Councilmember is a Democrat or a Republican.  Party affiliation is not my decision making process for District Councilpersons.  My decision is based upon Issues that affect my home, property, place of business and the community I live in, especially when it involves updating the Community Plan.  Changes to the Plan will impact us for the next 30 years.

The only winners or losers in this upcoming race will be us.

Using the Big Stick, throwing out the current District Councilperson, will put the rest of the City Council on notice that we are NOT going to take it anymore!

I’m not only endorsing Dr. Jennifer Campbell for our District Councilmember, I’m encouraging all of you to do it as well.  I also am seeking to get residents, who’ve never voted before, to get out and vote for her.

Dr. Jen has sat down with me, listened to the issues we have with the Morena Specific Plan and the Clairemont Community Plan Update.  She has listened to the community too. She has promised to represent us, push for those things we need included in any update to our Community Plan and to form a CCI (Citizen Committee for Involvement)  to obtain community input before a project goes into the planning stages, whether that be an update to our Community Plan or a proposed project to build housing.  She knows that if she breaks her promise to the community, I personally will lead the process to recall her from office.

On the contrary, over the four years that I have been involved,  Councilmember Lorie Zapf set only one appointment with me, found an excuse not to attend and instead, sent her assistants to the meeting who had no articulate understanding of the Morena Specific Plan.

Please join with me as we get the word out that the proposal to bust our height limit is a non-starter, and to that end, it will take voting the current District Councilmember, Lorie Zapf, out of office to protect the 30ft Height Limit.  I also have some of Dr. Jen’s yard signs for anyone who would like to display them.

For more information, please go to:

James LaMattery

PS: Does anyone have access to a convertible classic car, that would be willing to drive it around our neighborhoods with me shouting over a bull-horn to get folks out to vote, on election eve, please contact me at (619) 972-3051.  It may be a bit of “Old School” campaigning, but its our last stand.

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