"Ideas for Improvement" Letter

Dear Mr. Prinz,

1)  Dedicated ped/bike bridge    Mission Bay Park Bridge

Infrastructure and safety are of upmost concern to residents.   We need a modest and safe dedicated ped/bike bridge from our area to Mission Bay Park that would also service trolley riders in their quest to safely cross Morena Blvd.

A ‘redo’ of the Clairemont Drive bridge is not sufficient.  This dedicated Mission Bay Park Bridge will be beneficial to all and remove constant worry about the four north side or five south side, extremely dangerous ped crossings that must be made using the current bridge.  

Residents and visitors alike would be able to move freely and safely, relieving great stress and creating more ‘people traffic’ for the Bay Park Village/Bay Park Boardwalk area.    

2)  Distinctive signage for Bay Park:   

Bay Park District     Bay Park Village    Bay Park: Western Gateway to Clairemont 

The City of Villages strategy draws upon the character and strengths of distinctive neighborhoods.  We are asked by the planning department and others who are not aware, “What is your area’s “sense of place”, what do residents consider as their sense of place in this neighborhood”?  Our sense of place, facing west, is deeply rooted in and solely connected to Mission Bay and the views beyond.

Our sense of place is not related to the mesa of Clairemont.  From Wikipedia:  The community of Clairemont Mesa can be subdivided into the neighborhoods of North Clairemont, Bay Ho, Clairemont Mesa East, Clairemont Mesa West, and Bay Park.

Without the bay, all of the names in this region – Bay Park, Bay Ho and Bayview Terrace – would not exist.  From the beginning with a false bay to the now largest aquatic park of its kind in the country, our identity has always been linked to Mission Bay Park.  We are Bay Park, the western gateway to the greater Clairemont district and this needs to be designated as such with distinctive signage, announcing “Bay Park” or “Bay Park: Western Gateway to Clairemont”.

The “Bay Park Boardwalk” that the community created and supported is intended to extend the entire length of the Morena Specific Plan, not, as stated in the MSP, simply to:    

2.7.3.  Incorporate a boardwalk concept with a wider pedestrian area on Morena Boulevard between Ashton and Napier streets. 

Distinctive place names are needed.  We are not Clairemont Village, which has for decades been associated with Clairemont Drive east of Burgener Blvd to Iroquois Ave.  We are Bay Park Village/Bay Park District in the Morena Specific Plan.



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