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Read the excerpts from the Morena Blvd Study written in black showing guidelines suggested by the city planners.  Then read the community proposals written in red.  Which design suggestions from the city and/or proposals from the community would you like incorporated into the Bay Park Boardwalk?  Or would you like to incorporate some of both?  Please post your comments at the bottom of the page.







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  • The city planning dept has committed to maintaining the 30ft limit. Raise the balloon volunteers and the community have squarely won that battle. Now our work is focused on building the Bay Park Boardwalk and getting it finalized into the Morena Specific Plan. Thanks for your participation.

  • Also, some kind of barrier between speeding traffic and sidewalks. Feels unsafe walking on Morena, pushing strollers etc. too vulnerable. Low wall of some type.

  • Hi, admin.

    “The city planning dept has committed to maintaining the 30ft limit. Raise the balloon volunteers and the community have squarely won that battle. Now our work is focused on building the Bay Park Boardwalk and getting it finalized into the Morena Specific Plan.”

    This quote indicates you are satisfied with a 30-foot height limit, but the red text indicates the “community” is proposing a 15-ft. height limit. this seems contradictory to me. Can you clarify what you are advocating for?

    • Great observation, Rob. What we hope to do with the boardwalk is to encourage property owners along the boardwalk to remain at 15ft heights and build quality upper-scale shops, boutiques, etc. If they build to 30 ft, we are working to include a step back of 10-15ft before the next story is added so that we are not looking up at straight 30 ft heights. If you read the design elements from the Morena Study, you see that the city planning dept has encouraged the same “building articulation,” to be added to the plan. What we are saying to the city is “Great! we love your suggestions as to the building articulation,” and we are going to hold the city to it!
      Thanks for participating!

        • The Boardwalk is the carrot. We are not taking one square inch of lot from them, but giving them 15ft wide of classy boardwalk and connected walk-ability between the two trolley stops.

          • I have two concerns with your approach:

            1. How does this carrot work in reality? If a landowner doesn’t agree to the height limit, the boardwalk isn’t built in front of their property? I imagine you need a continuous boardwalk to maximize the project’s benefit.

            2. The community is asking Morena property owners to sacrifice potential income from 2nd and 3rd-floor residences/office space, but the property owners get little in return. Sure, some property owners might be able to charge more rent to a café or restaurant for outdoor seating on the boardwalk, but I can’t imagine that extra rent makes up for the loss of income from the 2nd and 3rd floors.

            Meanwhile, the surrounding neighbors are the real beneficiaries of the boardwalk. They get a more pleasant, walkable environment, and some residents to the east get to maintain their private views of the bay.

  • I have heard that a Starbuck’s is possibly going to be built near Clairemont Drive and Denver Street. If this is true, the community should really reconsider allowing a Starbuck’s to be built in this area. I think this would hurt the smaller local coffee shops which are already established in the area.

  • Angled parking is extremely dangerous for cyclists & pedestrians it should be parallel. Encourage walking and use of the trolley, not more parking spaces. Isn’t the point to create a more community oriented area where residents and visitors from the Bay and the trolley walk along the stores and spend more time shopping or having something to eat? the more parking spaces the less pedestrian friendly. It is easier to drive in and go to one store and leave vs. taking the trolley or walking from your home and spending more time chatting with folks and visiting stores.

    • I think the reason that the majority of the residents (through polls, meetings, and surveys) want angled parking is because its less dangerous than the current parallel parking on Morena today. They also do not want Boardwalk visitors to park in the neighborhood side streets and alleyways and angled parking with two lanes (one to access the angled parking and one to keep the traffic flowing) mitigates both issues of parking and safety. Also, the landscape buffer between parking and boardwalk is there to hide the vehicles and create the ambiance of the boardwalk that you speak to in your post. You can use the online program (streetmix) under Category #2 to redesign the street layout as you see it, and then post it to that page for visitors to the site to review. Thanks again for your participation.

      • I believe we should have a buffer behind the angled parking as well, with a dedicated turn in and turn out exit for the angled parking area. If the photo I attempted to attach works this time, it is a pretty good representation. I have seen it work well. It might require reducing the boardwalk width or perhaps the other landscape buffers.

  • This is news to me. Who’s paying for this? Seems like it’s all for the benefit of a handful of restaurants on
    Morena! I strongly oppose reducing the number of lanes both S/B and N/B, as well as reducing the speed limit to 25 mph! What is your plan to educate the rest of Bay Park on this ridiculous idea? Seems hidden behind the 60′ idea, which I strongly was against and attended meetings to oppose it. I am NOT in favor of a Boardwalk on Morena. Where is the funding and water coming from for this fiasco?

    • Chili,
      If you were one of us who marched along Morena Blvd to stop the city from allowing builders to build to 60ft heights and if you followed our progress and victories (ie. the city will maintain our 30ft height limit and they have thrown out the 4718 proposed living units to be added within the boundaries of the Morena Specific Plan) we thank you!

      I would encourage you to follow what has happened since those victories as the city planning dept is now working with our community planning groups and Ad Hoc Subcommittees to determine what we want. You can find more information on where those meetings are held, and how you may attend them by going to http://www.raisetheballoon.com. There is a helpful article on the same site entitled, “From ‘No” to ‘Yes’.” It may help you understand why the majority of your neighbors are committed to being a part of the planning process and determining what should or should not be included in future plans for Bay Park, Bay Ho and Overlook Heights.

      You may also get a better idea by going to the “What Happens If We Do Nothing?” page on this site. More will be added to that page in the coming days. To do nothing means to allow the city planning dept to do as they will. If you want to know what the city wants, you can find that by reading the Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study that was released in April of 2014.

      Our campaign to inform the community on this idea has been ongoing for the past 18 months. I encourage you to reread the Home Page to gain information as to where the Boardwalk idea originated. It was not from the city and it was not from developers. It came from diligent work within the community from a myriad of volunteers (your neighbors), community meetings, door to door inquires and online polls.

      Many folks are just beginning to understand what the Specific Plan is about and why it is so important to be involved.
      Thanks again for your participation.

  • From a person that grew up in Bay Park this whole project is beyond a joke.Really,first of all we don’t need or want a trolley on Morena Blv.FIRST of all we don’t have the water to satisfy any growth.We can’t count on the city to maintain Morena blv,they never have,and nothings gonna change.I’ve lived here since 1953.Do we really want another nightmare like little Italy?I think not.Have we stooped so low as to the importance of needing another coffee shop,or restaurant.There is to many people now,there have been for years.The big thing is water,or lack of it.We don’t want growth,we want people to live some where else.More people means more crime,more traffic,longer waits,less water for us,it goes on and on.I don’t want to see any changes to this area,it’s fine the way it is.

    • After attending almost all of the ad hoc subcommittee meetings and observing and evaluating the various ideas proposed for the area, I have to agree with Greg, Bay Park is fine the way it is. Thank you to Lori Saldana for pointing out, at the 5/9 ad hoc meeting, that the mobile home parks are affordable housing that already exist. I live a few blocks from the mobile home park on Knoxville St and consider it to be part of the fabric and character of the neighborhood that is Bay Park. I do not want to see a generic, “rubber stamp architecture” sort of development on that property. I’m particularly repulsed by mixed use, multi-story development ideas displayed at the ad hoc meetings. Proposals to re-zone the mobile home park areas to commercial, invite developments that allow for higher density. Higher density will exasperate the traffic, parking and water supply issues. Leave Bay Park and Morena Blvd the way it is, with a 30′ height limit in place.

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