Height Limit Update- Clairemont & Linda Vista

Height Limit Update 

January 3, 2019

On Jan 2, 2019, The Union Tribune published an article that incorrectly stated height limits would be changed in the Morena Corridor Specific Plan (MSP).   See: Plan would add dense housing near new trolley stations along Morena Boulevard. 

The author didn’t know that the City Planning Department removed their proposals to change maximum height limits in Linda Vista because the recent changes to the final draft of the Plan hadn’t been released prior to the article’s publication on January 2 .  City Planner, Michael Prinz, confirmed that the revised draft will be released sometime within the next week.

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The removal of the height limits from the final draft is a temporary victory for those in the community that are opposed to the City’s push for unsustainable density and unrestrained building height limits in Linda Vista. 

A tentative meeting has been scheduled for February 4th for the Linda Vista Community Planning Group Ad Hoc Subcommittee’s review and recommendations on the final draft before it is forwarded to the San Diego Planning Commission. 

A tentative date of  January 22nd has been set for the Clairemont Community Planning Group Ad Hoc Subcommittee review and recommendations for the final draft MSP Plan.

Residents are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings.  

Please join our email alert list for confirmation of the locations of the meetings.  Confirmations will also be posted on our website.


No Change for Clairemont Portion of Plan

The draft Plan maintains the current 30Ft Height Limit within the portion of  the Clairemont Plan Area that  falls within the Plan boundaries,  including Bay Park, Bay Ho, & Overlook Heights, because the Land Use and Zoning Element (Height & Density)was removed from the draft Plan in 2016.  

Because of the removal,  the fate of those height limits are subject to final recommendations that will be made in the Clairemont Community Plan Update (CPU),  scheduled for final approval by the City Council sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. 

We encourage our residents to stay informed of the process of that Plan Update.  Join our email alert list for alerts and an upcoming Newsletter that will keep you aware of proposed changes near you.


County Pushes Long Term Plan to Change Clairemont’s Height Limit

The battle over height and density will continue trough the next several years as the Clairemont Plan Update is finalized.  The County’s long range plan is to raise height limits and increase density around all existing and planned transit hubs.  The initiation of a recent Community Plan Amendment (CPA) by the County of San Diego has become the first scramble by the County to bust the 30Ft Height Limit. 


The City has provided a visual simulation of the proposed roadway changes below:

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