Green Construction

The community surveys and input support a GAR (Green Area Ratio) for the boundary area of the Morena Specific Plan.

Read more about the GAR instituted in Washington, DC.


“While trees have long been recognized for their ability to help clean the air, reduce energy needs, raise property values, and mitigate heat island effects, their innate ability to absorb and divert rainfall has been underutilized.” Stormwater to Street Trees– EPA

Trees play a critical role in controlling stormwater runoff by acting as mini-reservoirs absorbing, diverting, and purifying rainfall on the spot. They significantly reduce stormwater management costs while providing valuable environmental services in air quality improvement and carbon dioxide reduction. Soil, roots, and soil biota also remove trace amounts of harmful chemicals including metals, fuels, and solvents. Here are retention methods available, and in use today, that utilize trees to manage runoff, reduce pollution, and beautify the neighborhood.


Suspended pavement

Suspended pavement and structural cells

  • Supports the weight and forces of the pavement above
  • Allows soil below to remain uncompacted to promote healthy tree growth
  • Accommodates large volumes of soil for larger trees



Structural Soil

  • Provides porous space and soil for root growth and rainwater storage.
  • Load-bearing and leveling layer compactable for pavement base
  • 20-25% void space for root support not found in conventional construction soils





TreepitsoverheadStormwater Tree Pits

  • Increased growing space with ability to be interconnected, benefits increase with the number of trees
  • Uses inlets and pervious surfaces to reduce the amount of water entering water management systems.
  • Useful in streetscape retrofits when existing soils are very compact or poor and underground space is limited






Permeable Pavements

  • Network of voids and spaces that allow water to pass through causing rapid infiltration to reduce puddling and waste runoff while delievering oxygenated water to landscaping.
  • When used in conjunction with other systems, Stormwater retention and tree growth is maximized



certified.wht.large YGRENE is a financing company that can be used for updating/remodeling of your residence.  The are not contractors or builders, rather they provide financing for owners who can take use the tax deduct-ability by annualized payments included in your property tax bill (similar to a Mello-Roos tax).  The homeowner doesn’t need to qualify for the loan, rather, qualification for the financing is arrived at through the equity position of your home (i.e.: they will lend up to 90% of your home’s value with qualified remodeling projects).  Please contact Eddie Ybarra, the representative for our area, as to the details of the program. Eddie’s cell number is: (619) 717-1092.  We are encouraging everyone to go green (low flow water distribution systems, native plants, etc.), for landscaping projects.



10 thoughts on “Green Construction

  • More green park area is needed! While the two trailer parks on Morena serve a purpose, they are very unattractive. It would be wonderful to see the one on Morena and Knoxville converted to a park to join with and expand Tecolote Park. The park is now geared for baseball/male activities and it would be great to have soccer practice fields and a skate board center for the kids (female and male) in the neighborhood. Either one would make a great Senior center with pickle ball etc for the influx of old baby boomers!
    I personally want to keep all the businesses on Morena for convenience – but when shopping for a car, one goes wherever, so wouldn’t the car dealership make a great park area with senior living apts? When I reach the age of not driving (coming all too soon), I’d love to have the option of living there next to the trolley etc.

    • I agree about the car dealerships relocating, especially with Mission Bay Drive and its several car dealerships nearby. That area could really be something special for any number of townhome/condo/senior living arrangements.

  • Anything which adds to the congestion and increases population I am against. How about leaving it just the way it is and landscaping all available land into a park?—–I realize that the driving force is money for a few people.

    • I agree with Don. Re-zoning the mobile home parks to “commercial”, will increase the allowable density. If those areas are left as is, developers cannot squeeze higher density buildings on those properties. The mobile home parks are far more affordable than anything that would be built in their place. The increased density will then create more vehicular traffic in the area. The best way to keep Bay Park anywhere near the way it is now is to maintain the zoning as is. I implore the adhoc committee to go on record as opposing the re-zoning of the mobile home park areas to “commercial”. As a homeowner who lives a few blocks from the mobile home park on Knoxville, I am a property tax payer. The adhoc committee should represent the wishes of the PROPERTY TAX PAYERS who live in Bay Park.

  • The trees and plantings are critical to reduce reflecting heat and create ambiance and welcoming atmosphere. Hopefully, they use more trees to cover up the hideous new 7-11 & car wash at Denver and Clairemont drive with its blaring white and neon green. Who approved that???

    • Kathleen,
      The 7-11 is an example of what happens when the community is not involved in the planning process. What happened with the corner is a result of current building codes which we can do nothing about, but we have our chance to change that with the Morena Specific Plan. The point of Bay Park Boardwalk and resident input is to prevent such nonsense from happening again. We have the power to include new design codes into the Morena Specific Plan through our input here as well as at the Ad Hoc Subcommittee meetings that are reviewing the Plan.
      Our fear for the corner of 7-11 is that since the city allowed virtually no set backs from the busy street traffic of Clairemont Drive, that our children may gather outside of the store and are too close to the busy street- dangerous!
      We can prevent it from happening again by getting involved in the planning process. Thank- you for participating!

  • How in the heck did that ugle 7-11 / carwash get approved. it went through without any request of community input. Absolutely hideous. Can we sue the Clairemont planning group for letting that happen?

  • I’d like to know why (and who) cut down the palm trees (probably March ’16) at the south side of Tecolote overpass at west Morena – seems like city property

  • Green construction is so important to the environment’s future, and we should all do our part to make these changes. Implementing green practices is not as hard as it seems, and it will be well worth it in the end.

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