We were notified hours before Clairemont residents could weigh-in on Land Use Decisions!

The Planning Dept has cancelled tonight’s Land Use Workshop where the topics were appropriate Height Limits and density within the Clairemont Plan Area, especially around future transit hubs.  

Map 5: TPAs New Zoning Map for Clairemont

The City not only cancelled the workshop but want further engagement with residents via a computer!  BTW, many of our older residents are not computer literate.   

Here’s the official excuse:


“Over the past few months, the City’s Planning Department has developed a new community engagement tool to accept public input on the Clairemont Community Plan Update. This engagement tool will be used for future planning efforts. We are excited to launch this new innovative tool that will allow us to collect public input ahead of community meetings to better inform the conversation. We invite you to use this online tool in lieu of the Jan. 30 workshop. Look for this to be available next week at www.clairemontplan.org.” 


“to collect Public input ahead of community meetings…” smells a lot like planners don’t want any more face-to-face confrontations by a community that has already weighed-in on Land Use, made clear to the planners that we don’t want our 30ft Height Limit busted and do want controls on density.

5 thoughts on “Face-to-Face

  • Seniors and others without a computer and/or internet connection should visit the closest San Diego Public Library branch – Balboa, Clairemont, or North Clairemont, and they can access the engagement tool on public library computers. Many older residents are indeed computer literate….

  • Once again the city has wimped out on being engaged with the public on what they ate planning to do. They are too cowardly to meet with the public and wish to continue to try to steam-roll our feelings about the shovels full of s@$t they are trying to feed us.

  • This senior began using computers in 1983. Learned on a San Diego-manufactured Kaypro suitcase model with archaic CPM operating system, 5″ floppies vs. Windows and DVD’s. More of a boat anchor than a personal computer at the time. 🙂

    To the point: The City and Mayor simply won’t face facts or the community and believe the impersonal route to community planning is via the video monitor. Good luck with that approach knowing you, Mr. Lamattery.

    Thank you for your update and continued support of our community. What will they try next?

  • It’s all about increasing the tax base…The city has a $2B pension deficit with no way to fund except by increasing tax base…so sad to see the greed of our local government.

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