Density Meeting 5/29

Land Use & UP-Zoning Meeting
MAY 29

Alcott Elementary School
4680 Hidalgo Ave
SD, CA 92117

Special Meeting Scheduled May 29th

The Clairemont Community Planning Group has a  Subcommittee that isupdating our Community Plan.  At its last meeting, the subcommittee discussed their intention of adding 5,000 more housing units to the existing Plan.

Planning Group Member, Glen Schmidt, made the motion to approve the additional units at the May 14th subcommittee meeting.  A special second meeting, May 29th, has been scheduled to allow public comment before the subcommittee finalizes its recommendation to add the units.

This new housing would be an ADDITION to the 6,048 units that are currently part of the Plan that haven’t been built.  The 6,048 units are our “fair share” of new housing that SANDAG has designated in their 2035-2050 growth plan, Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Series 13 documents.

The locations for the additional units are approximately the same locations already mapped for the 6,048 units.  Adding the 5,000 new units would bust our 30ft height limit in these locations because the lot sizes, and recommended increase of dwelling units per acre, will allow builders to add more stories on the proposed sites.

If you are opposed to the additional units, you need to attend this meeting andvoice your concerns.

Because of time constraints, the Subcommittee came to a consensus to accept the additional units without completion of PUBLIC INPUT at their meeting on May 14th, and have scheduled the Thursday (May 29th) meeting to allow the public tovoice their acceptance or opposition to the additional density.

6 Reasons For Opposing The Additional 5,000 Housing Units

  • We’ve already committed to provide our “fair share” with the 6,048 unbuilt units that exist in our current Community Plan
  • No plan for added city services (fire & police, etc.) has been provided that will be necessary to service the additional units
  • No plan for additional elementary or high-schools has been provided that will be necessary to service the additional families with children
  • No plan for necessary infrastructure upgrades to service the additional units has been provided
  • No affordable housing will be built by the developers of the units unless the in-lieu fee “loophole” is effectively closed by our City Council
  • No parking spaces or garages are required to be provided in the projects that are in Transit Priority Areas (most of the locations of the proposed 5,000 units are in TPAs)

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