City To Bust Height Limit!

City To Bust Height Limit!

Broken Promise Comes Days After Mayor’s State of the City Speech

It didn’t take the City Planning Department long to break their promise to our community about retaining the 45 Ft height limit in Linda Vista once Mayor Faulconer delivered his State of the City speech on January 15, 2019.

Michael Prinz, the city’s senior planner for the Morena Corridor Project, confirmed in an email on January 18th, that the planning department had reversed its prior promise to retain the existing 45 foot height limit in the Linda Vista portion of the Morena Specific Plan.  A promise that they had made on September 17, 2018, and reiterated at our last Subcommittee Meeting on January 14th, a day before the Mayor’s speech.

City planners gained their resolve to break their promise and outright reject the community’s wishes because of the Mayor’s statement “height limits outside the coastal zone put a cap on housing – this year I’ll propose the Council remove them.”

We agree with the Mayor when he said, “Nothing affects the quality of life in our neighborhoods more than the condition of our infrastructure and roads.”

But the kind of unlimited density he’s proposing runs afoul of the community’s target concerns in the public review of new developments, much less the strain it puts on “infrastructure and roads” especially in Clairemont and Linda Vista, two communities that have been 98% built-out for years. 

Regarding adequate project parking to prevent spill-over into existing neighborhoods, he promises “Outdated parking requirements make homes more expensive – this year I’ll call on the Council to eliminate them.”

So along with no height limits, no provisions for parking spaces, he promises “this year I will introduce legislation to allow developers to build without any unnecessary review.”

So he’s intent on muffling the community’s voice in planning altogether by removing our power to review proposals for development. 

That way, he can fulfill another promise; “I will deliver a plan to the Council to authorize unlimited density for developments that include affordable housing and housing for the homeless – the most generous incentive in the state.”

It all sounds like campaign rhetoric for Governor of California. Maybe Faulconer should stick to updating our infrastructure and roads.  He’s ran on that ticket for successive elections.  And with a “strong mayoral” form of government, maybe San Diegans should seek out a new Mayor willing to listen to the community’s voice.

We will either retain our city’s “character” or become an just another extension of Los Angeles.

Take the Survey: Do you consider the areas of Bay Park, Bay Ho, and Overlook Heights, that are within the boundaries of the MSP, to be “Coastal Communities?”




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