A transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed-use residential and commercial area designed to maximize access to public transport, and often incorporates features to encourage transit ridership. A TOD neighborhood typically has a center with a transit station or stop (train station, metro station, tram stop, or bus stop), surrounded by relatively high-density development with progressively lower-density development spreading outward from the center. TODs Read more about *TOD[…]

Why Most Infill Housing Can and Should Be Affordable Housing

Infill Housing is what’s built on the precious few remaining vacant parcels and/or lot-splits in our communities. Because of the scarcity of buildable land in San Diego, the City is looking to a new land inventory which they report and reconcile annually to the State. The City of San Diego has 52 Plan Areas where they have identified Read more about Why Most Infill Housing Can and Should Be Affordable Housing[…]

New Tool To Determine Density

It appears that the decision to move Land Use and Zoning into the update of the Clairemont Community Plan by city planners was made due to other motivations, to take away community input in the questions of density and height for our Plan Areas.  On Thursday, Dec 7th, the city will announce their new “tool” Read more about New Tool To Determine Density[…]

"Housing U Matters" Agrees with Community for SANDAG Releasing Seizure of Vacant Lot

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE December 5, 2016 James LaMattery, an area real estate agent who formed a group called “Raise the Balloon” to fight the previous 60-foot-high proposal, said the new plan represents the best form of compromise. “What we found was if the community is listened to, things do change,” LaMattery said. “You can Read more about "Housing U Matters" Agrees with Community for SANDAG Releasing Seizure of Vacant Lot[…]

Luxury Towers at Jerome’s Furniture Site

The 12 owners of an area encompassing approximately 20 Acres are asking the community to allow them to build to 108 FT heights.   Below are some of the project presentation made by Perry Dealy (Architect hired by owners) for the site at the Dec 5th Linda Vista Ad Hoc Subcommittee. Project Statistics: Retail Space: 81,900 Sq Ft Residential Read more about Luxury Towers at Jerome’s Furniture Site[…]

What is the No "R44" all About?

R44 is a designation of zoning that refers to (R) residential units only and (44) forty-four living units allowed per 1 acre of land. R44 is an older zoning reference to RM3-7 which designates a maximum density of  1 dwelling unit per 1000 square foot of lot space.  The ‘M’ designates “Multi” (multi-residential) as opposed to Read more about What is the No "R44" all About?[…]

What is the 60 FT Height Issue All About?

The 60ft Height Issue originated in Feb of 2014 when the City of San Diego released its Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study attempting to amend our Community Plan allowing developers to build new low cost apartments and condominiums up to 60 feet in compliance with the City’s goal of Transit Oriented Development (i.e. high-density living units within Read more about What is the 60 FT Height Issue All About?[…]

SANDAG Seizure of Vacant Lot – 9/9/16

SANDAG SEIZURE OF VACANT LOT (UPDATE)- On December 16, 2016, SANDAG Board of Directors respond to Community Email Petition and votes UNANIMOUSLY with community to drop eminent domain lawsuit.  Read more… History of Vacant Lot Battle Click here for the audio to the SANDAG meeting on 9/9/16.  Skip down the list to “0.55.22 Patricia Hom, Read more about SANDAG Seizure of Vacant Lot – 9/9/16[…]

Quick Facts about Protea Project

Quick Facts: May 2016- Protea enters into escrow to purchase the lot from Marina LLC. May 2016- Protea contacts RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk Committee seeking input on community’s desire for the build-out of the lot.  An agreement in principle is reached regarding public comments, survey, and  ongoing polls provided by RTB/Bay Park Boardwalk committee. May 24th, SANDAG records Read more about Quick Facts about Protea Project[…]


Our INDEX tab will take visitors to most of the important official and unofficial documents regarding both the Morena Specific Plan and the Clairemont Community Plan Update that are currently underway.   Design Guidelines -Morena Specific Plan Area Trolley Site Plans- Tecolote Rd, Clairemont Dr., & Balboa Ave. Shoreline Proposal– Restaurant to be built where Read more about INDEX[…]
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