Why Bother To Attend This Meeting? -City Council Meeting August 1, 2019

Why Bother To Attend This Meeting? Isn’t It All A Waste Of Time? It’s difficult for residents to attend City Council meetings during working hours.  And after 5 years of attending community planning group subcommittee meetings, it seems the city planners have either never listened or don’t care what residents have to say or both.  Our mayor, Kevin Faulconer,  Read more about Why Bother To Attend This Meeting? -City Council Meeting August 1, 2019[…]

Ad Hoc Meeting Review 1/14/19

I Might Be Wrong But What If I’m Not? A Review of Last Night’s Planning Meeting Last night, Michael Prinz, the City’s Senior Planner for the Morena Corridor, presented the revised draft Morena Specific Plan (MSP). I made a last-ditch motion to resubmit our Subcommittee’s prior request that the Land Use and Zoning element (see letter below) Read more about Ad Hoc Meeting Review 1/14/19[…]

City Council Meeting Update 1/10/2019

Big Win Comes with Major Warning Fairfield Morena Project Approved But Councilmembers Issue a Stark Warning to Bay Park Residents Fairfield’s Morena Apartment Homes were narrowly approved during Tuesday’s very contentious meeting of the San Diego City Council.  It was a major victory for residents because it is the first project to test height limits Read more about City Council Meeting Update 1/10/2019[…]

Height Limit Update- Clairemont & Linda Vista

Height Limit Update  January 3, 2019 On Jan 2, 2019, The Union Tribune published an article that incorrectly stated height limits would be changed in the Morena Corridor Specific Plan (MSP).   See: Plan would add dense housing near new trolley stations along Morena Boulevard.  The author didn’t know that the City Planning Department removed their proposals to change Read more about Height Limit Update- Clairemont & Linda Vista[…]


The second  Balloon March (BALLOON MARCH II) will be held on June 8, 2019, from 10:00 am to 2pm. An Email Alert will be sent to all once the star and end locations are determined. We anticipate that the route will be down Balboa Ave,  from the 805 South on-ramp to south on Denver Street, Read more about BALLOON MARCH II[…]

Quickway Proposal

Quickway Proposal- our meeting with Alan Hoffman Jim Elko, one of our first RTB volunteers and a Bay Park resident, acts as a liaison between RTB committee members and local architects as well as professors and students from San Diego’s School of Architecture.  Jim set up a meeting between Alan Hoffman and myself, James LaMattery, Read more about Quickway Proposal[…]

City Planners Reverse Some But Not All!

  City Planning Department Reverses Some- But Not All! Councilwoman Zapf In Her Attempt To Win Re-Election Forgot A few things- Like Our 30ft Height Limit! Pedestrian Bridge, 4 Lanes on Morena Blvd, Revision of the TODEP- BUT NO PROTECTION OF THE 30FT LIMIT By James LaMattery Community Activist & Raise The Balloon Committee In a letter sent to Read more about City Planners Reverse Some But Not All![…]

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf- on the 30ft Height Limit

San Diego’s Planning Department is now proposing to bust the 30ft Height Limit.  This is a result of Councilwoman Lorie Zapf’s refusal to protect the community. Despite her claims to the contrary, Zapf allowed the Planning Dept to move forward with their proposals to bust the limit.     1) While running for the District Read more about Councilwoman Lorie Zapf- on the 30ft Height Limit[…]

Shortlist for Aborting the Morena Specific Plan

Here’s the shortlist for aborting the Plan: 1)  Doesn’t include a necessary pedestrian bridge to facilitate trolley riders accessing the Clairemont and Tecolote Stations from Mission Bay. 2)  Doesn’t include a promised expansion of the sidewalk, nor angled parking, on the east side of Morena Blvd (The Bay Park Boardwalk Concept initiated by the       Community) that was Read more about Shortlist for Aborting the Morena Specific Plan[…]
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