Legal Fund Established for Opposition to Morena Plan

A legal fund has been established for the Linda Vista portion of the Morena Plan that will allow 108ft heights and a luxury tower in the Tecolote Station District. If you would like to help gather donations for the legal fund, you can download the Donate Flyer LV here. To make a donation: Please send Read more about Legal Fund Established for Opposition to Morena Plan[…]

City To Bust Height Limit!

City To Bust Height Limit! Broken Promise Comes Days After Mayor’s State of the City Speech It didn’t take the City Planning Department long to break their promise to our community about retaining the 45 Ft height limit in Linda Vista once Mayor Faulconer delivered his State of the City speech on January 15, 2019. Michael Prinz, the Read more about City To Bust Height Limit![…]

Height Limit Update- Clairemont & Linda Vista

Height Limit Update  January 3, 2019 On Jan 2, 2019, The Union Tribune published an article that incorrectly stated height limits would be changed in the Morena Corridor Specific Plan (MSP).   See: Plan would add dense housing near new trolley stations along Morena Boulevard.  The author didn’t know that the City Planning Department removed their proposals to change Read more about Height Limit Update- Clairemont & Linda Vista[…]

New Tool To Determine Density

It appears that the decision to move Land Use and Zoning into the update of the Clairemont Community Plan by city planners was made due to other motivations, to take away community input in the questions of density and height for our Plan Areas.  On Thursday, Dec 7th, the city will announce their new “tool” Read more about New Tool To Determine Density[…]

RHNA How California is Solving its Housing Crisis

RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Assessment) is what California is using to solve the state’s housing crisis.  SANDAG with information supplied by the City of San Diego along with the other 18 jurisdictions that make up San Diego County, is the governing agency tasked with developing the methodology and allocation of our RHNA assessment for all Read more about RHNA How California is Solving its Housing Crisis[…]

GOPRO camera view at 60Ft in Linda Vista

  GOPRO camera view at 60 feet: Corner of Armstrong Nursery and Morena Blvd As the responses are posted to below questions,  a green (ANSWER) link will appear.  It will take several days to upload all answers so keep checking back, and remember to refresh your Browser periodically as new answers are posted periodically.  Thank-you Read more about GOPRO camera view at 60Ft in Linda Vista[…]

Luxury Towers at Jerome’s Furniture Site

The 12 owners of an area encompassing approximately 20 Acres are asking the community to allow them to build to 108 FT heights.   Below are some of the project presentation made by Perry Dealy (Architect hired by owners) for the site at the Dec 5th Linda Vista Ad Hoc Subcommittee. Project Statistics: Retail Space: 81,900 Sq Ft Residential Read more about Luxury Towers at Jerome’s Furniture Site[…]


Our INDEX tab will take visitors to most of the important official and unofficial documents regarding both the Morena Specific Plan and the Clairemont Community Plan Update that are currently underway.   Design Guidelines -Morena Specific Plan Area Trolley Site Plans- Tecolote Rd, Clairemont Dr., & Balboa Ave. Shoreline Proposal– Restaurant to be built where Read more about INDEX[…]

Morena Study Released

Review the Morena Study and Specific Plan The Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study  was initiated by the City of San Diego Planning Department to comply with the goals and visions of the SANDAG Comprehensive Regional Plan, and the San Diego City General Plan to urbanize and densify our neighborhoods in compliance with sb375.   The ‘Study’ Read more about Morena Study Released[…]

VOTE for your preferred Proposal

Please Vote!** **The original  3 Alternatives poll was two versions of 3 lanes (alternatives A & B) and one version of 2 lanes (alternative C).  After some community requests to add a “No Change” alternative, the city agreed, and we revised the poll to include it.   ***The new poll (below) will remain open until the Read more about VOTE for your preferred Proposal[…]
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