City Council Land Use & Housing Committee Meeting 3/6/19 Video

On March 6th, 2019, the Land Use & Housing Committee allowed the Morena Plan (MCSP) to move forward for a full vote by the SD City Council on April 9th,  in complete defiance of four years of community input. We are organizing a neighborhood-wide carpool to enable as many residents as possible to attend the April 9th meeting.


The second  Balloon March (BALLOON MARCH II) will be held on June 8, 2019, from 10:00 am to 2pm. An Email Alert will be sent to all once the star and end locations are determined. We anticipate that the route will be down Balboa Ave,  from the 805 South on-ramp to south on Denver Street, Read more about BALLOON MARCH II[…]

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf- on the 30ft Height Limit

San Diego’s Planning Department is now proposing to bust the 30ft Height Limit.  This is a result of Councilwoman Lorie Zapf’s refusal to protect the community. Despite her claims to the contrary, Zapf allowed the Planning Dept to move forward with their proposals to bust the limit.     1) While running for the District Read more about Councilwoman Lorie Zapf- on the 30ft Height Limit[…]

Where The City Planners Want To Bust Our 30ft Height Limit

  At last night’s CPU meeting, City Planners introduced where they intent to bust our 30 Ft Height Limit. See map above.  Contrary to claims made in prior public planning documents, the draft Morena Specific Plan, and assurances from our District councilperson, Lorie Zapf, to “maintain the 30 Ft Height Limit,” the “Focus Areas” in Read more about Where The City Planners Want To Bust Our 30ft Height Limit[…]

Why Most Infill Housing Can and Should Be Affordable Housing

Infill Housing is what’s built on the precious few remaining vacant parcels and/or lot-splits in our communities. Because of the scarcity of buildable land in San Diego, the City is looking to a new land inventory which they report and reconcile annually to the State. The City of San Diego has 52 Plan Areas where they have identified Read more about Why Most Infill Housing Can and Should Be Affordable Housing[…]

New Tool To Determine Density

It appears that the decision to move Land Use and Zoning into the update of the Clairemont Community Plan by city planners was made due to other motivations, to take away community input in the questions of density and height for our Plan Areas.  On Thursday, Dec 7th, the city will announce their new “tool” Read more about New Tool To Determine Density[…]

RHNA How California is Solving its Housing Crisis

RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Assessment) is what California is using to solve the state’s housing crisis.  SANDAG with information supplied by the City of San Diego along with the other 18 jurisdictions that make up San Diego County, is the governing agency tasked with developing the methodology and allocation of our RHNA assessment for all Read more about RHNA How California is Solving its Housing Crisis[…]
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