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What should the Bay Park Boardwalk be made of?  Please take poll.


Please leave your comments, new ideas and suggestions below.  You can upload drawings, illustrations and pictures to be posted by using the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of the page.

Design Elements for the Boardwalk

Below are excerpts from the original Morena Blvd Study showing guidelines suggested by the city planners.  The Community Survey results indicate that some of the suggested design elements should be mandatory and incorporated into the final Morena Specific Plan and thereby made a part of the building code.  These elements have been highlighted in yellow below.   Which design elements do YOU want included in the building code?  Post your comments below.

P.48.50 MBSAPS

P.48.50 MBSAPS2





12 thoughts on “Design Elements

  • Whatever the selection for the walkway material, please ensure it is stroller friendly. Cobblestone is not. Pavers can be if done well.

    Also, if you angle parking to where cars are pointed at stores, please include barriers or posts. How many times on the news do you see someone hit the wrong pedal or be in the wrong gear, and drive into a store?

    • Cody, I agree. Strollers, walkers, canes, wheelchairs…all need a smoother surface for comfortable maneuvering along the Boardwalk. And a good barrier IS key along the angled parking line to insure safety. Whatever the ‘barrier’, the ‘green/decorative’ buffer could work well as camoflage so that a line of identical posts is not all that is seen the length of the Boardwalk.

  • Definitely a concern of walkers on Morena. Need a barrier (low wall etc) between traffic and boardwalk. I don’t walk on Morena myself or with a stroller, too vulnerable. Need to protect the pedestrians and bikers with their own space away from traffic, and each other.

  • I’ve seen the proposed changes to Morena Blvd and the plan for the landscaping. I feel that a 6 foot landscape buffer sounds great in theory, but it ultimately impractical. There should be hardscape access to all persons parking on the angled parking and not have to reposition to the next access point. No family or handicapped person wants to back their stroller/wheelchair onto the inboard Northbound traffic lane just to move to a position that actually has an access point to the boardwalk.

    I can see this landscape buffer working IF the 6′ landscape buffer was more like 3′ with another 3′ allotted to a sidewalk area next to the angled parking so that there is a transition walking space from the vehicle to the access points.

    I think tree grates on the boardwalk work just fine anyway and not necessarily having the 6′ landscape buffer. Just add another 2′ to the 15′ boardwalk for the width and have a tree grate every 20 feet or so. I think the trees would work just fine as an ambiance if chosen wisely. The other 4′ should be used to “regain” another southbound traffic land. We could re-adjust the widths to have two 10′ southbound lanes.

    I’d love to hear what you guys think.

  • Suggestion: if any benches are installed anywhere on Morena Boardwalk … let them be concrete or stainless steel… Recently I watched installers of repaired and painting of Linda Vista/Morena Trolley rows of station benches… they’re heavy steel…. recently painted white or primered and really look like crap .. ugly beyond words!.. worthy of TJ only thank you

  • I do not know if anyone else has proposed this, but the photo I have attached shows a barrier BEHIND the angled parking, with specified turn in and turn out lanes. I have seen these work pretty well when I lived in the Bay Area. Without a barrier between traffic and the angled parking, it would be difficult and dangerous to back out safely. Without a barrier, I suppose people would stick to the left lane when people were turning out, theoretically, but I think a barrier would be safer and possibly more scenic if done right. This plan might cause a slight reduction in the boardwalk and/or other landscape buffer sizes, but I think it’d be worth it for the safety reasons alone.

  • We need two lanes of traffic on Morena in each direction to not only handle present traffic but the congestion which will be added due to proposed development. Also a bike lane should be on the east side so bikers can get to stores. If the bike lane were on the west side of Morena, as shown in the sketch, then cyclists would be in danger crossing Morena.

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