January 3, 2019


My Story

I’m a full-time local real estate broker, having worked over 30 years with companies from Merrill Lynch in Hemet, to Berkshire Hathaway California Properties in La Jolla.

I owned and operated a mortgage brokerage business in San Diego for over 20 years.

I’m now the owner and operator of James LaMattery Realtors.

After serving the “middle market” purchasers of homes in San Diego, I watched as the un-affordability of housing has blocked many residents from ever achieving the “American Dream” of owning their own homes.

This caused me to become proative against state legislators, backed by corporate developers and Wall Street Financiers, from enacting laws that will destroy our single-family neighborhoods in the name of the housing crisis and affordable homes.

Having an extensive background in the real estate market, I know that we cannot “build our way out” of the affordability problem facing San Diego and the state of California.

I’m working with current and former legislators, affordable housing advocates and other community leaders seeking real solutions to our affordability crisis.


Whether you’re seeking my real estate services or more information about Protect San Diego (PSD), please feel free to reach out to me by phone or text at (619) 972-3051 or email at: jimlamattery@gmail.com.


My Approach

My approach is to “go to the people” with critical information on housing and land use issues facing San Diegans. I became an proactive community advocate in April of 2014 when the City of San Diego released its plan for the Morena Corridor and Mayor Faulconer’s Climate Action Plan (CAP).

I believe in the democratic process and recognize that sustainable housing policy and sound community planning begins with the voice of residents who must live with the decisions made by their legislative representatives.

With the proliferation of newly introduced state housing bills, most resdients of San Diego County are woefully unaware of their impact, if enacted into law.

I hold public meetings, support local community planning groups, organize legislative response groups, and create electronic petitions to enable the public to voice their opposition or support of local and statewide housing legislation.

I frequently speak to local organizations of San Diego’s industry and civic leaders, such as the Chamber of Commerce and City Councils.

I travel to Sacremento to bring the community’s perspective to state legislators.

I write on housing issues for local news, and am featured on media covering local housing stories.

I’m a co-author of a new ballot initiative, The workforce Housing and Neighborhood Protection Act.





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